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Okonomiyaki in Berlin: Hanage (Closed)

It wasn’t because of a lack of excitement – mine was big enough to put this tiny place on the “Ten Restaurants You Have To Try This Winter” list. Sure, Okonomiyaki is not a refined recipe to begin with, ranging more in the likes of hang-over-fast-food, designed to fill your belly with carbs and sodium. And this is basically the only dish served here. But you’ll never guess what’s really the best thing on their menu…

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Back for 2015

Against the rain, against the grey, you came and celebrated another glorious night of meat and beat pairing – some say parties in winter are more excessive than ever thanks to everyone’s fatal winter-depression. The low temperatures certainly had no effect on your hunger (and patience) and your voting skills – we’ve got a a new holder of the coveted Berlin’s Best Burger trophy, but we also got some complaints… read on to find out who received what!

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Coming Up: Burgers & Hip Hop!

And we’re back! Did you miss us and our lovely grilled patties and soft buns? Did you think we were done with the burger-fun? Seriously? Obviously, we weren’t, Burgers & Hip Hop is alive and well and will get even better this year with loads of new additions coming your way… But we’re postponing those for the spring time and will celebrate a very classic feast this Saturday at our beloved home Prince Charles! So make sure you come and fill your winter-belly with deliciousness and shake it off later.

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Indian in Berlin: Chutnify

It’s not advisable to just walk into any Indian restaurant in Berlin. 99% of them are shit. Seriously, Indian food is badly represented in Berlin, but at the same time it’s almost annoyingly present – there are hundreds of places serving bland heavy-cream-curries in heavy-orange-tinted atmosphere. I stopped trying a long time ago and just settled with the fact that there’s none (there wasn’t even a tag for it on this very blog). However, I obviously wasn’t the only one suffering from the lack of tasty paneer – end of last year Prenzlauer Berg welcomed a beautiful addition: South-Indian street food at Chutnify!

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