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Bless is by far the most creative fashion/accessory/interior/everything label we’ve got in Berlin – no wonder their store is as creative as the rest of their work. It’s located in a 3rd floor Altbau apartment on the border of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, and the store manager, Jordan Davidson, not only works, but actually lives here.

stilinberlin bless-7796

Wait, what? So yes, you ring the bell and not only enter Bless‘ Berlin shop but also the temporary home of Jordan, who will welcome you inside, maybe serves you some tea on the No. 33 Workbed, a table that can be transformed into a bed and vice versa by a rotating system, and then shows you around the apartment, where loads of Bless pieces from current collections and past times are exhibited and for sale. Many of them hanging from the ceiling on wooden pearl strings, some in front of No. 29 wallscapes, photographic wallpaper of interiors, some of them piled on stools and window sills.

Jordan, who’s originally from Montreal, moved in late last summer from Vienna, and is spending one year living and working in the Bless apartment. Obviously, this concept fits the brand, who’s never been an only-fashion label, but created pieces that hovered in-between worlds, being too artistic to be consumed as fashion, and too wearable/useful to be perceived as art. While their main work still goes into creating seasonal collections, their interior pieces are what interests me the most – like the incredibly decadent fur hammock, the very vain hairbrushes made of real hair, or the brainy bike helmet. In most of their objects and clothes, a smart and witty idea meets an almost lavish production process, giving loads of attention to otherwise rather neglected items of daily use – like the attention seeking extension cords.

stilinberlin bless-7785

Browsing through the apartment / store is a treat – I was a little hesitant at first about how free I’d feel to roam around while the inhabitant was actually present, But Jordan is super-easy to be with. Obviously, he knew what he was signing up for and doesn’t mind interested people walking through his living room, explains at lengths the brand’s identity and history, or about his latest findings in Berlin’s raw food scene. People who like Bless probably think very alike, with loads of smaller or bigger talk to be had while trying on, for example, the sleevebomber, a classic bomber jacket with knitted sleeves, or their almost iconic knitted shoes.

stilinberlin bless-7789
Embellished extension cords and knitted heels.

It made me think of the days, when Prenzlauer Berg was the most interesting district of Berlin, when artists, musicians and writers preferred the run-down Altbauten around Kastanienallee. It feels like you still get a glimpse of that spark in Bless‘ apartment.

If that’s all a bit much for you, use their webshop!

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Hand-decorated bike locks, vain hairbrushes.
stilinberlin bless-7806 stilinberlin bless-7781 stilinberlin bless-7778 stilinberlin bless-7764 stilinberlin bless-7756 stilinberlin bless-7755 stilinberlin bless-7753


Oderbergerstrasse 60

10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Eberswalder Straße

Opening Hours:

Wed–Fri 16:00–20:00
Sat 11:00–18:00
and by appointment


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