Running on the Scenic Route with adidas #1: Schlachtensee

I posted my first instagram in which I bragged about my own running-achievements just a couple of months ago – only to instantly receive an invite to a running endeavor I never thought I’d be able to conquer: the Berlin half-marathon. The invite came from the #boostberlin group of adidas, who’ve seen my post and suggested I joined their group and casually ran 21k on a Sunday in March. Fueled by running-endorphins I was like: yes! This spontaneous outburst of optimism did not only bring me a lot of extra training but the idea to a new series featuring what I think are the prettiest running routes in our lovely city, beginning with one in nature that is actually easier to reach by train than by car.

stilinberlin scenic route-5138
stilinberlin scenic route-5406

I am not running for speed, just so you know, I tend to run too slow even, making the adidas trainer call me a “cautious runner” in the 2hrs of training I join weekly (or once, until now). Maybe I am not speeding because I like to enjoy the scenery? I prefer running surrounded by trees or water, and barely ever run in the city, crossing red-lights or navigating tourist-groups. Which is why I greatly enjoy this route, that leads you around two pretty lakes in Grunewald: Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke.

The route conveniently starts right by the Schlachtensee station, where you can get to in about 30mins from Friedrichstraße (normally with the S1, but thanks to current construction it’s more advisable to take the S7 to Nikolassee and then the S1 back North, all in all about 45mins). You exit the station on the lakeside, and run down towards the water to start your route either to the left or right – one circle around the lake is about 5,5km long (but can be enhanced!) At the North shore of Schlachtensee lies a restaurant with a beer garden called Fischerhütte, where you’ll have to pass through. You can either take a break and have a beer, finish your Schlachtensee round or run away from the lake and up to the street, cross it and then take the path down to another lake called Krumme Lanke and run around this one too!

stilinberlin scenic route-5179All in all, this makes for over 8k of running bliss, it’s a beautiful route through the forest with soft grounds, occasional muddy puddles but only a few tripping hazards like branches or stones. The lakes offer some beautiful panoramas, with moss-covered trees growing out of the water, cute duck couples enjoying a quiet morning or soft reed slowly dancing in the wind. All the more reasons to slow down, have a stretch and enjoy the scenery. Or run the course fast and twice to get all the details, just as you like it.

The moss, as promised.
The sun broke through the clouds about 2sec after this picture was taken.

You could also take a quick break and try my sun-warrior-pose, that will instantly have the sunshine break through the tough clouds to warm your face and bones. Seriously, the lakeside is a perfect scenery for a quick and cliché Yoga pose – I suggest the tree, adapting yourself to your surroundings.
The course is super-easy, there’s almost no possibility to get lost, and the whole route is rather flat. Which is why so many people like it, I guess, either for running, walking the dog (attention, dogs will be completely forbidden in this area from the mid of May) or just strolling with the fam. If you like to run without the crowds either choose a weekday (like we did for the photos) or start your training in the early hours of the weekend.

stilinberlin scenic route-5243
Turning myself into a tree.
stilinberlin scenic route-5358
In adidas’ new Ultraboost running shoes you’ll hover 5cm above the grounds at all times, no joke.

Oh, I almost forgot. The best thing about this route is the possibility to jump into the lake after your run and then let yourself be dried by the sun (in summer, obviously). No need to bring your swimming clothes, skinny dipping is totally accepted here.


Start & End: S-Bahnhof Schlachtensee
Length: 8,5 kilometers / 5,3 miles
Grounds: forest
Best time: Weekdays or early hours of the weekend

stilinberlin scenic route-5330stilinberlin scenic route-5439

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  1. giorgio sau on


    I love this place. Every time I run there, like today, reminds me why Berlin is so special!

  2. giorgio sau on


    I love to run there. It’s one of the magic places in Berlin. Life is beautiful!

  3. Sylee on


    What a happy, inspiring post!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thank you!

  4. John on


    Too bad you’re now advertising for companies. It really cheapens your website and the mission to promote on your own terms. Bad move.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I too would prefer to live in a world where I don’t need any money, but I don’t and in order to work on this blog and write all the posts about small Berlin businesses, I need to earn my money elsewhere, for instance on occasion in collaboration with big brands I like and with ideas I think fit the blog. Like this running route article.

  5. Mark on


    Sure this is product placement and if I was Mary I would’ve clearly stated that it is. However I still liked the article. I’m even interested in what the “boost” promotion of adidas is all about – commercial things are not generally bad but I am always a friend of open words.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks for pointing that out, I thought stating the brand in the title and adding a line at the end of the post would be enough to make it clear that this is sponsored content. I added another line on the main-page.

  6. David Desmond on


    Nice post! I had been planning to buy a pair of Ultra Boosts in the near future but you inspired me to pick up a pair sooner. I wore them on a run from eastern Mitte to western Charlottenburg yesterday and they were great. They are a bit different in design from previous Boosts but the sizing is the same and they fit better than ever.

    By the way, don’t worry about the sponsorship issue that was raised. You do make it clear that this was a sponsored post, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting a sponsorship from a brand that you like. Adidas is an excellent choice.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Happy to hear that, they really are special, I think. So light, so soft, so cosy, almost cosy, that is… And I’ve really heard stories about people seriously running faster with them than with other shoes. (I am too lazy to document to really know, I just know I like the feeling when I run with them).

  7. Emily on


    What a beautiful place for a run! Love that you combined a running trail, yoga poses, and gear all in one post, amazing! Really awesome blog :)

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