The Best Places in Berlin: A Map

Many times I’ve considered the idea of assembling a best-of list comprising my absolute favorite Berlin spots. Yet instead of writing up a listicle, we once again left the safe paths of the web to move into the thrilling field of print. It took some paper wrangling and some heightened discussion over the merits of one location over another, but now that it’s finished I am very proud to say: the map is here!


The Best Places in Berlin – Map presents my favorite spots in Berlin to eat & to drink, to shop & to simply enjoy. It covers recently opened restaurants like Chutnify or Distrikt Coffee, as well as old favorites like Einstein in Tiergarten or Dao on Kantstraße. This means it’s not only about in-vogue places such as District Mot or the internationally renowned Voo Store, but it also showers love on less flashy places that still serve gorgeous food—Akroum Snack on Sonnenallee or GoBento in Prenzlauer Berg, for instance. In addition, I reveal some of my most beloved destinations to shop for fashion, beauty, interior design, and books.


Whether you’re a proud Berlin resident or just a temporary or prospective one, I hope you like it as much as I do. It was designed by the gifted Alexandra Bruns, printed in Berlin by Heenemann, and the little banderole holding it all together was placed by yours truly.

Start planning your excusions, as you can order it here now, and we ship worldwide. YAY!

In case you don’t want to shop it online – you can get the map at Do You Read Me?!, pro qm and Voo Store from tomorrow!



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  1. Mistress Karlatta on


    Danke, an excellent guide.

  2. georg on



  3. Nath on


    Wirklich eine schöne Idee!
    Wie das so oft ist, habe ich diesen Guide doch glatt übersehen (what?) und wurde erst auf dem Blog der Autorin Doris Lautenbach darauf aufmerksam.
    Finde das Design extrem gelungen und kaufe mir jetzt ein paar Exemplare als Geschenk für Berlin vermissende Freunde :) Yay!

  4. ced on


    A google my maps for download would be great! ..

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      sorry to say, but this is not planned right now…

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