Berlin’s Best Burger: April Edition

What a feast it was. And not only for the 80 Burger Feast ticket holders with early entry and the chance to eat all the burgers at last Saturday’s Burgers & Hip Hop at Prince Charles. Over 500 votes for the Berlin’s Best Burger competition were collected during the afternoon, evening and night for creations filled with bacon jam, nori leafs, or kimchi patty goodness, with seven vendors from all over town serving you burger bliss garnished with massive beats. And not only to meat-lovers, all of them created a vegetarian version, some even vegan.
But who made the best burger, you ask? Who wooed the crowds? Was it Geist im Glas’ experimental approach serving burgers with a shot of whisky, or Papi Crunch’s daring addition of black pudding? Here are the results:

A little disclaimer first – all votes were joined, those of the burger nerds coming two hours early with their pre-sale tickets who were able to compare and rate all the burgers and those of the regular visitors who enjoyed the burgers of their choice. On a side note, the burger feasters were not as generous with their grades as were the regulars, and their votes did change the results in an important way, pushing one contestant up a few ranks who wasn’t necessarily favored by the party crowd. However, the overall winner managed to gain the most 5 star votes – ever! Excited?

burgers and hip hop dudes-9144

Doesn’t The Dudes Delicatessen’s East Side Burger look pretty? However, (and strictly speaking) it’s not a burger, using smoked pulled pork instead of a patty. The Dudes gave it an Asian twist combining it with Hoisin sauce and Vietnamese slaw. Maybe their audience was distracted by their wheel of misfortune, maybe our burger audience really takes the patty-doctrine very seriously, no matter what, this burger sandwich didn’t place…

Also seen in the picture on top
Also seen in the picture on top

Another gorgeous looking (and very tasty) burger that I thought was definitely gaining a spot in the top 3, but in the end couldn’t motivate enough voters – Mr. Susan’s Korean Bun DMZ (that name!) put a Kimchi beef patty, ghetto cheese (guess what), lemon mayo and a crazy delicious Korean style cucumber salad in between them buns.

burgers and hip hop papi crunch-9114

Premiering black pudding made by The Sausage Man Never Sleeps at Burgers & Hip Hop, Papi Crunch’s Blood In Blood Out burger was loved by those who love black pudding. Seriously adored by those. Especially in combination with the soft 64° egg yolk and the lime mayo. But not enough people appreciated this underrated sausage, though. But kudos for putting it on the menu! Maybe there’ll be a reunion at Papi Crunch’s brunch?

burgers and hip hop geist im glas-9160

Turns out most vendors felt very experimental this time – Neukölln’s famous bar Geist im Glas served what was probably the most unusual combination of the night: their Bone Marrow and Harmony burger featured a Neuland patty filled with cheese, lime mayo, (and here it comes) strawberry tomato jam (!), chicharrón (!) AND mint leaves! Taking a quick glimpse into the voting boxes later that night, I was positive they’d place high (especially since they served their burgers with a shot of Habanero maple whisky) – and they did miss entering the top 3 only by a hair (or 0,4 points), but they missed it…

burgers and hip hop golden burger-9118

Okay, you’re right. They all look gorgeous. This particularly photogenic example is Golden Burgers’ The Waken Bacon – smothered with bacon jam and pimento cheese. And people did love that bacon jam – they expressed their love for it multiple times on the voting sheets (with loads of exclamation marks), granting this pretty one 4,03 out of 5 possible points and the third place.

burgers and hip hop gorilla barbecue-9107

Earning a very deserved second place is Gorilla Barbecue’s No Bullshit burger – coming with home made bbq sauce and brioche bun, crispy bacon, cheese and jalapeños. A very classic burger that didn’t win only because the Burgers & Hip Hop audience adores traditional burger art as much as they crave uniqueness and innovative combos. 4,04 of 5 possible points are a very respectable result, though.

burgers and hip hop royals rice-9135

And this is our winner – gaining over 100 five-star votes during the evening: Royals & Rice’ Mass Appeal! People were raving about the home made buns (to be precise, they made them not at home, but at their stall during the event), the grilled avocado, the mango chili sauce and the surprising twist of the nori leaf below the beef patty. Raving. I mean: 100 five-star-votes is probably enough said. All in all 193 voters left their grades for them, adding up to 4,23 total points. CONGRATULATIONS!

This result also means we need to have a Vietnamese / Korean burger show-down soon. Berlin’s burger people seem to favorite the Asian twist (half of the past burger votes were won by either Vietnamese or Korean burgers), and who are we to fight your cravings? See you in June!


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