Breakfast: The Vinyl & Breakfast Market

Big Stuff BBQ's breakfast sandwich straight from your dreams.

The breakfast market has established itself as a once-a-month Sunday breakfast-haven by now, where delicious morning-foods from all over the world like pulled pork sandwiches, eggs benedict, porridge and congee, are served to more-or-less awake eaters. For this Sunday’s edition the organizers have teamed up with Groove magazine’s Heiko Hoffmann to combine food and music!

The Future Breakfast's Eggs Benedict Sandwich (easier to eat than its looks suggest)
The Future Breakfast’s Eggs Benedict Sandwich (easier to eat than its looks suggest)

This Sunday will see their favorite Berlin record labels and shops (like Native Instruments, Pampa Records, BPitch Control, Shitkatapult, Oye Records and many more!) in between stalls cooking up eggs and mixing smoothies, with DJs playing favorite morning tunes all day long. In addition to new releases and their back catalogs, many labels will be offering white labels and limited editions that aren’t available in stores, or have already sold out. The Breakfast & Vinyl Market: a treasure trove for vinyl lovers and a land of plenty for breakfast fanatics! As usual: it’s the best way to spend your Sunday.

To get you in the mood, Heiko made a little playlist for our Kitchen Tunes series of the labels joining on Sunday for you:

The Vinyl & Breakfast Market from stilinberlin on 8tracks Radio.


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  1. Celine on


    Do you know, if anything like this event is coming up again in the spring? (No info at calendar).

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      There’s usually a breakfast market happening every 3rd Sunday of the month, regarding the special vinyl edition I’m not sure how often this is happening, but best would be to send Markthalle 9 a quick message :)

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