Coffee in Berlin: Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers

A couple years back, I used to spend many weekend afternoons at Münzstraße, waiting for well dressed people to pass by and taking their photo to put on this very blog. Walking along the street today I sometimes can’t believe how much changed since then – it seems like new stores open every week, new brands take over what once was the epicenter of Berlin fashion with the result that the street looks entirely different than five years ago. With crowds of shoppers filling the streets and cafés, one can easily feel lost today – change has been quintessential to Berlin and it has brought the city many good things, and so not everything around Münzstraße feels lost – enter the courtyard of Münzstraße 21 and you’ll find a coffee and sweets haven: Father Carpenter Coffee.

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The small coffee place was opened last Autumn and has gained a loyal following since – not only because they serve their drinks in super pretty and quite signature sky-blue-cups, but mainly because their brews are excellent (they’re using Five Elephant’s roasts) and served with delicious small treats. I’ve seen them on Instagram and have been intrigued enough to put them on my “10 New Restaurants You Have To Try This Spring” list, also because their menu promised breakfast like avocado on toast and poached eggs. So no wonder I was surprised to hear that this kitchen concept didn’t prove worth while and was recently changed to offer smaller breakfast options like Bircher Müsli and Chia pudding.
I chose to have a cappuccino and a blondie as an afternoon treat, and the blondie was delicious, spongy and intense. Can’t wait to have another one along with this smooth coffee.
It will definitely become my preferred hideaway when scouring Münzstraße just becomes too much. And maybe public demand will bring the poached eggs on avocado toast back for good. Until then, it’s obviously part of my guide to the best coffee in Berlin.

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Father Carpenter Coffee

Father Carpenter Coffee

Münzstraße 21, 1st backyard

10178 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 09:00–18:00
Sat 10:00–18:00