Farmers’ Market in Berlin: Südstern

This is a market I wanted to visit for ages, but most of my Saturday mornings’ aren’t for making plans or fulfilling duties and thus it has taken me a while to cycle down to this small but beautiful farmers’ market in the heart of Kreuzberg. And what a gem it is, despite it featuring only about 20 or so stalls, the selection is well made, making it possible to do all your grocery shopping here, including a lunch and very fine coffee. But read on:

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Südstern has been the site for a market for many years before the square around the neo-Gothic church became rather quiet. Three years ago the market was re-established to feature a mix of regional organic vendors, as well as special interest sales and a few other products like leather goods as well as dog’s and cat’s food. The market is, as said, not huge, which makes it easy to navigate and scan all the offers before deciding where to shop.
When I arrived around 13:00 past Saturday, I was happy to see that the opening times of 10:00 to 16:00 seem to be valid, all stalls were up and running and offered plenty product, which makes this one a good spot for those late-Saturday-shoppers like myself.

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I started with some green asparagus from Naturhof Gaßmann (located in Oderaue, north-east of Berlin on the border to Poland), then some pretty potatoes from Kartoffel Till, added raw milk butter and cheese made from summer’s milk in the Alps at Peppikäse, got a piece of Berlin’s Best Bread winner at the Soluna stall and was almost convinced to stock up some raw crackers before I headed for a chunky piece of white Italian bread covered in melted Raclette cheese at Leopolds‘ crowded little stall, just next to a Bratwurst stall serving their grilled sausages with white asparagus.

Leopolds Raclette
Leopolds Raclette
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I should’ve gotten some of those peonies, and maybe tried the pasta dishes, or got some of the eggs from Arenzhain, or maybe tried the wines at Traubenreich… Guess I need to go back asap.

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Farmers’ Market at Südstern

Farmers’ Market at Südstern

Südstern 1

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Sat 10:00–16:00


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