Ice Cream in Berlin: Die Eismacher

To stay with all things ice cream, here’s an important announcment: Die Eismacher, home of the acclaimed intensely violet Ube ice cream gracing the main picture of our beloved guide to Berlin’s best ice cream, moved! Luckily, just around the corner and into a much brighter and nice space. Pictured here is Ube, made of a Philippine yam, topped with raspberry and coriander milk. Delicious! Check their new location on the map and plan your ice cream date asap.

Die Eismacher

Die Eismacher

Körtestraße 10

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

daily 14:00–18:30


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  1. manuela on


    best icecream in berlin – eisbox in moabit

  2. Sharyee on


    I wanna try if I go there

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