Breakfast in Berlin: Beuster

Update, September 2015: Sadly, Beuster decided to stop their brunch service.

This is a bar, right? Beuster Bar is the epitome of those bars on Weserstraße that look just like you would think a recently opened bar on Weserstraße would look like. But there’s one difference – they’re serving brunch on weekends. And since it’s a real bar, they’re not only serving poached eggs and pancakes, but – wait for it – cocktails! Green Bloody Marys, for example. With cilantro, and bacon. They put bacon on everything, by the way. Even on the pancakes! Read on…

The Green Bloody Mary served with bacon (or without)
The Green Bloody Mary served with bacon (or without)

As you know, my quest for fine poached eggs seems never ending, since poaching eggs is not a skill that comes easy to many places in Berlin. However, Beuster, albeit a bar, is actually very good in poaching those eggs to perfection, they’ll then put them on sourdough bread, combine them with avocado, spinach and hollandaise – or alternatively ham or salmon – and serve them to your hungry morning-self. If that’s not enticing, I don’t know what would be… Maybe you prefer the pancakes with blueberries, maple sirup and – of course – bacon? Or a fresh grapefruit with granola for those of you needing some fresh vitamins? Or maybe the classic Berlin “Eier im Glas”, two poached eggs served in a glass with chives and bread? Or a roast beef sandwich, or an avocado toast, or…

stilinberlin beuster-0428
Eggs with spinach, avocado and hollandaise, 7,40 Euro

Of course, there’s a DJ inside playing some morning-tunes, many visitors sport full beards, there are loads of cute mutts hanging around, most of the guests speak English with some kind of accent and the average age might be well below 35. But look at these eggs, my friends! Who cares how hyped a street is as long as you get delicious breakfast food?

stilinberlin beuster-0431
pancakes with bacon (or without) 7,50 Euro

These pancakes should basically be enough to convince you this spot is worth checking it for brunch. They’re offering breakfast food on weekends from 11:00 till 16:00, and you should definitely book a table beforehand. Beuster is one of those social media phenomenons, drawing in loads of hungry eaters thanks to the many scrumptious looking egg dishes on instagram.



Weserstraße 32

12045 Berlin Neukölln

Rathaus Neukölln

Opening Hours:

daily from 18:00