Happening Soon: The Ice Cream Market

Guys, it’s almost time.
Time to replace breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime and dinner with the best treat of summer: ice cream. This Saturday This is Jane Wayne, mint & berry and myself will host the first Ice Cream Market at Haubentaucher. This means hours and hours of frozen delight, fun in the sun and splashing in the pool. Yes, the pool is real and big and swimmable, so pack your towels, bring your extra ice-cream-stomach and read on to find out who’s serving us sweet, sweet pleasures!

So here are the details: the market will take place at Haubentaucher, at Revaler Straße 99, we will begin eating ice cream at 12:00 and will stop at 20:00, there’ll be loads more activities, there’ll be music, there’ll be a piñata, we’ve got the pool, a hashtag (#icecreammarket) and we’ve got the following ice cream artists (and probably even more!):

Jones Ice Cream – Gabrielle Jones is bringing her sky-blue truck, all loaded with such mouth-watering flavors like vanilla and cookie dough, salted butter and caramel, peanut butter and jam and so on and on. She’s also bringing her delightful cookies and is preparing a special sundae!

Paletas Berlin – Denise and Thorsten’s popsicles are far from your usual Kaktus-Eis. Handmade and in exciting flavors like buttermilk lemon, hibiscus and raspberries, cucumber and lemon, as well as obviously mint & (straw)berry – many of them are vegan!

Woop Woop Icecream – In case you’ve got a strong opinion on how ice cream flavors should be combined Woop Woop is your truck of choice: the ice cream is freshly made with liquid nitrogen! There’s no limit to your ice cream love.

Zwei Dicke Bären – As an avid reader of this blog, the divine ice cream sandwiches of Zwei Dicke Bären are not news to you. Which doesn’t mean we’re not already craving the sweet cookie-ice-cream-burger in dainty flavors like peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream or pistachio white choco cookie with strawberry ice cream. All of their frozen fillings are made by our Neukölln favorite Mos Eisley.

Flockys Schneeeis – Flockys is news to me as well – they are creating snow ice, soft and tender ice, melting on your tongue like fresh snow. Albeit tasting better in flavors like blueberry or peanut, available with milk or vegan.

Slushpol – those brain freezing, ice cold refreshments are made with organic and fair trade ingredients, transporting this childhood memory to the present times. You know what I’m talking about.

Wohlfarth Schokolade – to bring soft serve to our market has been a special request of mine, this one will actually have you mix your own variation made of either milk, rice drink or chocolate milk and loads of add ons.

This post and the ice cream market are made in cooperation with mint&berry.


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  1. Mr.Wonderful on


    Ohh!! Schade! Wir haben es gerade erfahen! Wir schaffen es nicht vorbei zu kommen – da wir in Spanien sitzen- Aber wir wünschen euch ganz viel Erfolg.

  2. Sharyee on


    pink ice cream. so cute

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