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Pea pate with grilled bread at MJ'S Foodshop.

US-American in Neukölln: MJ’S Foodshop (Closed)

After starting the week all zen and light with a post about a yoga-festival, this article will surely reset the/ a balance. After visiting this joint on the bustling Sonnenallee, you’re sure to leave feeling heavy, full and more than a little self indulgent. The menu ticks pretty much all of the quintessential, American, comfort-food boxes with serving sizes to match. For the days when your stomach yearns to be filled, and your palate craves carbs and nostalgia (be that real or imagined from years of watching U.S tv): welcome to MJ’S Foodshop.

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Earthwalking Festival

Yoga in Berlin: Earthwalking Festival

When I started to do yoga in a random gym several years ago, I didn’t realize how lucky I was that this random gym employed what would become my favorite yoga teacher ever: Deborah Haaksman taught yoga in such a natural and never patronizing, yet holistic, energizing and inspiring way, I have not come to find someone like her. I didn’t even know the name of her style of yoga, just loved the way she explained and demonstrated the poses and breathing techniques, and induced this happiness inside of me whenever I finished her class. She’s not teaching regularly at the moment, but is working together with Sita Menon and Nicola Tröger to prepare an intense weekend to present her yoga teaching of Forrest Yoga, named after its creator Ana Forrest, and it is coming up soon: Earthwalking Festival is happening end of August and we’re giving away two day-passes…

J Kinski at Burgers and Hip Hop

Coming Up: Burger Feast // Tropical Edition

Since summer is short here in Berlin, we decided to follow up quickly with another round of burger fun in the sun right in the lovely backyard of our favorite club Prince Charles – Burgers & Hip Hop is coming up August 1st! This time with a new theme: it’s gonna get tropical! We’re not only hoping for the right temperatures and humidity, but are looking forward to many latin burger creations (calling for pineapple). Read on to find out more about the pre-sale ticket that gets you all the burgers! And the *new* voting system!

Dinner at The Bowl, Berlin

Clean Eating in Berlin: The Bowl

It’s somewhat of a mystery (to me, at least), that the “clean eating” trend took so long to establish in Berlin to actually get a full restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, it’s here now, and it’s pretty delicious and has a great name: The Bowl.

Nike, Mary and Sarah at the Ice Cream Market

Coming up: Ice Cream Market on Tour!

Seriously, can there ever be enough ice cream? The answer is clearly no. And after having the biggest ice cream party ever in Berlin four weeks ago, we decided this can’t be then end of the fun – that’s why we’re taking the ice cream on tour! Together with This is Jane Wayne and mint&berry we’re bringing our favorite Berlin ice cream artists to unite them with local creators in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich this August!

This post is made in cooperation with and sponsored by mint&berry

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