Berlin’s Best Burger: Spicy Edition

Aww, what a day and night. Burgers & Hip Hop’s spicy edition was so hot, everybody was happy about the heavy rain cooling us down. Which didn’t end the grilling, of course! The burger artists brought so much extra hot chili, piri piri, jalapenos and hot sauce and you all dwelled in the pain.. didn’t you?
However, you ate burgers all night long to find out who’s making the hottest one in town, so read on to find out the result…

Everyone was hot for our trophy, a little too hot, I have to admit. Unfortunately, there were more fake votes in the box than real ones, and while I never wanted to be too OSCE about the whole voting process, this time we had to take action. Until now, I was always able to distinguish the real votes from the 10 to 15 fake ones, easily discernible by them being neatly piled, five-star-votes for one vendor only. However, this time, that annoying yet manageable try to manipulate went a bit far. Meaning I couldn’t figure out which were real votes and which were the ones just put in by some over-ambitious burger peeps. It wasn’t only one vendor, and it wasn’t only about one pile, but whatever. The ones who did it know who I am talking about.

Sadly but true, the results of the big public vote had to be ditched and we will have to come up with a new, more fraud-proof system for next time, but fortunately, we still had the more honest votes by the people who bought the Burger Feast ticket. Not only did most of them have all the burgers and thus a better supposition to actually compare and accurately vote, but those votes couldn’t be faked either, only holders of the ticket had the actual voting sheet. So here we go, find out who made the hottest burger in town, the result may actually surprise you! (As usual, all burgers are presented, but only the top three will have their score and placing revealed.) And please share your opinions on the burgers (and recommendations for a new voting system) in the comments!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop hotzenplotz-0594

Parking their big black and gold truck in the center of the yard, Hotzenplotz‘ classic cheeseburger sure gained loads of fans during the night. Not enough to place in the top, though. Maybe it’s been too classic?

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop peruvian-0601

Talking about too classic, this one’s certainly not to blame for that: Peruvian Bro’s from Baden Würtemberg wanted to win Berliners with their Big Poppa, Chicharrón, deep fried pork belly, with sweet potato and Peruvian salad. However, at Burgers & Hip Hop people love their real burger-burgers, patty-in-a-bun-style, which is maybe why this sandwich landed mid-table.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop piris-0599

Cheese-edition-winner Piri’s brought The Rockness Monstah with breaded chicken, grilled cheese, aioli and your choice of piri piri or trauma sauce (impressively marked with 3 chili).

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop j kinski-0591

J. Kinski is always bringing extra complex, fully organic burgers, this time they served The Green Bay Cheese: a beef patty came together with coleslaw, fried onions, bacon, cheddar sauce and maple bourbon caramel with extra hot sauce in a spelt bun.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop son kitchen-0604

Easily the most instagram-worthy burger of the night, Son Kitchen’s Supreme Burger packed kimchee tempura, cheese, a honey beef patty, shrimps, wasabi mayo and gochujang sauce in a black sesame bun.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop golden burgers-0588

Entering the top ranks: The hot-red truck of Golden Burgers brought along Spice-T, a creative mix of strawberry-chili-chutney, fried camembert and mango-chili sauce with extra spicy habaneros, if you asked for them. I enjoyed the vegetarian version a lot, and many of the voters did too, scoring Golden Burgers 3,35 of 5 possible points and thus the third place in the ranking!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop chilees-0603

Chilees is new to our burger game and instantly placed a great second with their Galbi Burger featuring a beef patty with, fresh, fried as well as pickled onions, bulgogi sauce and a hot sauce of your choice. Doesn’t it look scrumptious?? Not only, it also won 3,60 of 5 possible points.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop royals rice-0595

You know who’s left, don’t you? The winner of last time! And yes, it’s true – they’re winning again: Royals & Rice scored 4,00 of 5 possible points giving them an unambiguous win with their Drop It Like It’s Hot creation: grilled avocado, pickled radish and carrots, guacamole, mango chili ketchup, grilled chili and fresh cilantro hugged a beef patty (which you can already get at their restaurant in Mitte! But watch out, it’s seriously spicy.)

I certainly love how Berlin’s burger-lovers prefer the South-East-Asian burgers over and over again… we will soon (sooner than you think!) know if the royals are able to repeat District Mot’s triple win. Stay tuned!


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  1. Brady on


    Interesting to hear of the ballot stuffing. We experienced some unprofessionalism as well. We filled out the survey to ‘skip the line’ and get free entry. When we arrived there was no obvious way to skip the line and the few people who were available to talk to either told us to get in the regular line or were too busy to give our questions any thought.

    We waited in the normal line at about 6:30 and when we got to the front (about a half hour wait at that time), our email address was not on the guest list so we had to pay the entry fee after all. €2 is not a lot but it was frustrating to go through the survey process and give out our info for nothing. Hope that all gets fixed next time. It would be better to not offer such a thing if it isn’t going to be thought through from the customer’s perspective. Left us with a sour taste in our mouths. At least we had some delicious burgers to wash it down.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Ouch, sorry to hear your mail wasn’t on the list… there were some problems with the list before, alas, that wasn’t in my (stilinberlin’s) hands, but I will forward this to the guys who made the survey and the list to get you a place on the guest list for next time :)

  2. Sam on


    This competition is clearly a joke if Royals and Rice won. I tried 5 burgers and theirs was easily the worst of the lot. :/

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      the burger feasters vote was unambigous and many of them tried all eight, wouldn’t call their opinion a joke, worthy of discussion maybe

  3. Denise on


    Sieht suuuper lecker aus!

  4. Bowe Frankema on


    When Burgers and Hip Hop started a year ago it was something quite unique and special. It is such a shame that it has turned into an event where the competitors have resorted to cheating to earn a meaningless “Best Burger of Berlin” award. Why don’t you guys go back to the basics and organise something where all of that bullshit is put aside and awesome burgers are being served whilst blasting hip hop? Stay close to the name of the event and it’s original idea you know? It’s such a cool concept… so for the love that everything is holy and greasy please carefully think about the next edition of Burgers and Hip Hop and get back to your roots. Thank you :-)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Bowe, the event is actually what you describe: it’s burgers served while Hip Hop is blasting, that two or three peeps thought it was fun to manipulate the vote has just been a minor side-effect, the event itself is as rooted as ever

  5. Cum ne imbracam? on


    Not a brilliant idea to watch those pictures after a diet :)))

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