Clean Eating in Berlin: The Bowl

Dinner at The Bowl, Berlin
The California Bowl

It’s somewhat of a mystery (to me, at least), that the “clean eating” trend took so long to establish in Berlin to actually get a full restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, it’s here now, and it’s pretty delicious and has a great name: The Bowl.

Dinner at the Bowl, Berlin
The buddha bowl

Its location is right by Warschauer Straße S-Bahnhof, so no need to get too deep into Friedrichshain to enjoy it, however, you’ll have to make your way through the masses hanging around the Warschauer Brücke. But you’ll be rewarded with what could be almost called a vegan mall: The Bowl occupies the space directly over Veganz, just next to Avesu shoes and just by Goodies* deli. The latter, also known as my fav vegan café and deli (that I rarely visit because their locations are not spread well enough for my daily routes), is also the mother of The Bowl, finally venturing into a full-service restaurant catering to you from morning till night.

Their menu sounds delicious! And right up your alley if you like plant based (fully vegan), gluten free and naturally sweetened food that is served in, obviously, bowls. Which could be, admittedly, better looking. But let’s focus on the food: There’s also a big choice for those of you who like it raw.
The menu starts with breakfast (served till 12:30) and such international plant hits like chia pudding, overnight oats and smoothie bowls (all raw), but also features more locally inspired sweet or savory Brotzeit bowls with banana bread and raspberry jam or gluten free bread with bean and miso hummus, avocado and mixed greens respectively. Everything is filled with super foods, also more or less obviously. Additional smoothies range from very wild herb green to lighter avocado green, from blueberry purple to sweet banana yellow.

stilinberlin the bowl-0637

For lunch and dinner, they’re serving a big range of starters as well as bowls – and we went for the most typical for the clean eating trend, choosing the California as well as the Buddha bowl.
Prior to that, we tasted the beans and miso hummus (3,50 Euro), which was delicious, yet could’ve been plated in a better way, as well as the lightly braised Brussel sprouts with a surprisingly good cashew cheese (4,00 Euro). However, those sprouts are quite out of season right now, so the question was raised, why this plant was on the menu at all. Must be a stunner in autumn, though, the cashew cheese added loads to the little greens.

Then the bowls arrived and were everything what we expected: a wild yet balanced mix of different flavors and textures, different greens, cereals and vinaigrettes. Mine, the Californian (9,90 Euro), came with lemon quinoa, fried sweet potatoes (yes!), sesame tamari spinach (very well seasoned), raw apple carrot salad (nice freshness), sesame avocado slices (a must), tomato salsa and a teriyaki hibiscus sauce on the side. It was seriously delicious and quite filling, I even had trouble finishing it. As had my companion, who chose the Buddha bowl with an outstanding green asparagus, sumatra curry, aubergine and sweet potato, as well as wild rice, shiitake mushrooms, beetroots and an avocado dressing.

I’ll definitely come back to have another bowl and check the desserts, like the raw chocolate chia pudding with fresh berries or the different raw cakes. It’s a great addition to the Berlin food scene, and will definitely gain a loyal following soon.

The Bowl

The Bowl

Warschauer Straße 33

10243 Berlin Friedrichshain

Warschauer Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 11:30–23:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–23:00


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