Coming up: Ice Cream Market on Tour!

Nike, Mary and Sarah at the Ice Cream Market

Seriously, can there ever be enough ice cream? The answer is clearly no. And after having the biggest ice cream party ever in Berlin four weeks ago, we decided this can’t be then end of the fun – that’s why we’re taking the ice cream on tour! Together with This is Jane Wayne and mint&berry we’re bringing our favorite Berlin ice cream artists to unite them with local creators in Hamburg, Cologne and Munich this August!


We had 10 ice cream dealers, over 30 degrees celsius, a pool, sand, palm trees, 700 instagrams and over 8000 visitors when we came together in Berlin to celebrate the coldest of all delights. We were honestly overwhelmed by your positivity, devotion and, also, patience to endure the unpleasant line out the door. Thank you so much for indulging with us!


Because we can’t stop and we won’t stop, we’re extending the party all over Germany! We’re bringing our favs from Jones Ice Cream, Zwei Dicke Bären and Paletas to join them with the best local ice creamers to create three more excessive feasts in Hamburg at Altes Mädchen on August 9th, Cologne at Jack in the Box on August 15th and Munich on August 30th! Don’t miss the party! We’re bringing piñatas.

And let us know which local ice cream artist shouldn’t be missed at the market in your city!

This post is made in cooperation with and sponsored by mint&berry


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