Fashion in Berlin: Michael Sontag Summer 2016

Michael Sontag at Berlin Fashion Week, photographed by Mary Scherpe

It seems as if Michael Sontag foresaw the weather of this week (I am not yet saying the weather of this summer, let’s be patient, people) and designed his new collection for summer of 2016 accordingly. He presented a collection with loads of long pants in very beautiful casual cuts, cosy grey sweaters, long shirts with flower embroidery that reminded me of the decor of 1990s girly shirts, many layers, and two beautiful trench coats, one of them in a very 1990s natural linen. I wish I could wear that today.

His show felt like a sequel of summer 2015’s collection, that I didn’t cover on this blog because I somehow didn’t get it when I saw it on the runway. That was wrong. I like to follow Michael Sontag’s work, it seems so much more grown-up, self-sufficient in a way. Like when he insists on that beige linen-color and at the same time shows these smashing pants, wide-legged, casually sitting between waist and hips. Of course, there were silk dresses and skirts, something Berlin (of all places) can’t seem to let go (yet) – although no-one wears silk skirts on the streets of Berlin, its young designers have taken a noticeable liking to this flowing yet delicate fabric.

By the way, if you like what you see and want to have it: Michael Sontag has his own (beautiful) shop in Kreuzberg! See it here.

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