Berlin’s Best Burger: Tropical Edition

Oh what a day and night we had – hot and humid, sweet and spicy, devouring and dancing. Eight burger artists came together for Burgers & Hip Hop in the backyard of Prince Charles to celebrate tropical patties and exotic add-ons like grilled pineapple, coconut slaw, bourbon pickles, mango salsa and fried plantain.
Besides savoring those treats and shaking those bums, we were there to find the new bearer of the much coveted Berlin’s Best Burger trophy. Using a new voting system, where each visitor had a chip to vote for the best while the pre-sale Burger Feast tickets included a double vote, we got more votes than ever and a result that might (or might not) surprise you!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop tapiocaria-0312

Of course, we’re taking the time to introduce all of the beautiful burgers to you, placed in the top 3 or not. Like this one by the Brazilians of Tapiocaria, who served a beef patty on an acai bun with fresh mango, cashew nuts and guava ketchup.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop nalu diner-0338

The Hawaiians of Nalu Diner came all the way down to Kreuzberg and brought their Nalu Burger with Teriyaki glazed bacon, onions and pineapple on a classic cheese burger.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop big stuff smoked bbq-0303

Fan-favorite Big Stuff Smoked BBQ brought their pretty white truck to the backyard to serve what they do best: smoked pork and home made cooked ham came together with melted cheese, mustard and bourbon pickles under the great name of The Ice-Cuban. Yes, you might know this sandwich if you’ve been to the Southern states of the US as “The Cuban”. And you might meet it soon again on the regular Big Stuff menu.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop spice spice baby-0326

Certainly one of the prettiest and most colorful burgers was created by Jamaican inspired Spice Spice Baby: jerk marinated chicken breast was united with ginger, lime, coconut slaw, jack fruit and pineapple sauce. It was also the only one served with real spice and a real favorite with the Burger Feast ticket holders. Kudos for that and the most gorgeous burger serving couple around.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop chicha-0344

This one only barely missed the top 3 with a total of 100 votes – Chicha‘s Tupac Amaru joined Uruguayan beef with fried plantain, chili mayo, mango salsa, a fried egg and cheese and was thus probably the richest burger available. The veggie one was a delight as well with its quinoa, oat and ras el hanout patty. In other news: watch out for their restaurant opening this Autumn near Maybachufer.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop pacifico-0323

Opening the top 3 with a great third place considering this was their premiere is Korean/Californian joint Pacifico. Their home made bao bun hugged a duck patty, avocado, pineapple, sweet mango and crispy chicken skin and scored them 116 votes (98 regular, plus 9 double votes by the Burger Feasters). Congrats, can’t wait to see what you’ll be serving on Moritzplatz soon, guys!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop bunsmobile-0379

The real battle took place between the top 2 – and it was already visible in lines and crowds around the stall and truck. A well deserved second place goes to Bunsmobile who scored 123 votes (105 regular and 9 burger feasters) with their spicy guacamole cheese burger with a much praised medium rare Brandenburg beef patty and chipotle mayo. They continue to carry the title of best patty maker. But if there’s one thing that Berlin burger lovers really really adore, it’s those sweet, steamed buns and thus…

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop royals rice-0370

It might be no surprise that the old winner is also the new: royals and rice defended their title with a fruity Shimmy Shimmy Ya of Wagyu beef with grilled avocado, mango-tomato-sauce, passionfruit, avocado and coconut in a a home made bao bun. The sweetness combined with the hearty beef took the voters by storm: 142 regulars were topped by 16 Burger Feast double votes and brought them the title, once again, following in the footsteps of District Mot’s three time win last year.

Maybe it’s time for a show-down between the best of them? We’ll see you in the beginning of October for a new round of grilling, stacking, feasting, voting, shaking and dancing.


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    I love all of your recommendations and reading them even if I don’t live in Berlin <3

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    Off-topic, but… Are you still running? Just wondering, would like to see some running pics again!

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