Brunch in Kreuzkölln: Geist im Glas

Brunch at Geist im Glas

Ah, another add-on to our brunch-directory! And what a hefty one. It’s pretty much common knowledge that brunch is a dish best served with cocktails, right? Being that it was originally conceived as a “lighter” meal for those Saturday night carousers who could seriously do with a pick-me-up the morning after. What better then than a top-notch bar that serves food? Indeed. Lucky us! Because your favourite Kreuzkölln Whisky-bar Geist im Glas now serves a killer brunch, meaning that you can (or should?) pretty much just stay there for the whole weekend.

stilinberlin geist im glas brunch-0673
Biscuits and gravy, 7,50 Euro

I knew about their interest in making food from their stint at Burgers & Hip Hop, but when they told me they now served breakfast I was still a bit surprised. I couldn’t help pondering how such a dark and cosy bar would pull off a brunch – typically a laid-back, breezy, daytime affair.  Upon arriving though I was amazed by the bar’s transformation. During breakfast hours, Geist im Glas opens the whole store-front, creating a nice little terrace on Lenaustraße with several small tables out front. The atmosphere is lovely and light, somewhere you could easily sit for hours nibbling, sipping, chatting…

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Huevos Rancheros, 7,50 Euro

The menu is small, yet on point: three breakfast dishes accompany six morning cocktails. We were lucky enough to try all of the dishes plus two of the cocktails, thanks to the lovely Ray who completely spoiled us. I started the meal with a Marigold – a Gin and Cointreau drink with fresh orange, pineapple, lime and cucumber. It served as a perfectly refreshing start to the day, whilst still giving you that lovely floaty buzz of a drink enjoyed way before 4pm. After that, I was definitely ready for some carbs which the menu thankfully provides.
First up: aged white cheddar biscuits served in sage cream gravy with either fried sausage or sautéed mushrooms (or both). These were delightfully savoury and intense. As expected the combination of cheese, carbs and gravy is a perfect one. And then there are the Huevos Rancheros – two sunny side-up eggs atop cheddar and black beans with fried corn tortillas, accompanied by guacamole, pico and pickled red onion. Equally filling and loaded with electrolytes to help jump-start your day.

stilinberlin geist im glas brunch-0679
Buttermilk pancakes, 7,50 Euro

But the highlight of the menu are, without a single doubt, the buttermilk pancakes which come with: dulce de leche, blueberries and a fantastic Maker’s Mark-infused maple syrup. Geist im Glas is known for their drinks infusions, and even have a maple syrup-infused whisky, so it’s fitting that they’ve gone full circle and done it the other way around. Turns out this concoction is utter perfection with the thick and fluffy pancakes, the sweet dulce de leche and the fresh blueberries. Looking at the pictures, I wanna tuck into one right now.

Geist im Glas‘ brunch is a sumptuous affair. Hearty-yet-creative dishes come served on rustic wooden plates. Intense and refreshing drinks are made with an understated flair and can compliment one of the meals exquisitely, or act as the main course itself. Take the Bloody Malaga for instance, a kind of Spanish gazpacho with garlic chilli Vodka that is listed on the drinks menu, but could easily serve as a breakfast – perfect for those delicate Sunday mornings after a heavy night out. It’s brunch in its essence: meant to be enjoyed late into the day after a heavy night or two out drinking but, of course, also makes perfect sense when you’ve spent the night in. It is gorgeous, no matter what state you arrive in.

Geist im Glas

Geist im Glas

Lenaustraße 27

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Daily from 19:00
Brunch on weekends 10:00–16:00


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  1. Cyra on


    Sieht super lecker aus !!

  2. Ailin on


    I’m sorry but that’s not Dulce de Leche

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I’m sorry but it’s still delicious and so I don’t care what they call it

  3. Maria on


    Hi, is this place still open for brunch? (Google says it is not…) thanks!

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