How to make it in Berlin: Zwei Dicke Bären

The team of Zwei Dicke Bären

I am beyond happy that so many young entrepreneurs in Berlin are making it, bringing an idea to life, creating new enterprises for us to enjoy, and turning innovative concepts into working businesses. And I’m not the only one! Justine Simonson and Marcus Lehmann from New York came to Berlin to film a series on how those creative geniuses not only have the guts to start a business, but also the brains to sustain it. And here’s a new web series celebrating them.

How To Make It In Berlin is the premier season of a web series about small businesses and the owners who took a risk in creating them. This season features 10 unique entrepreneurs and small business owners from Berlin’s street food scene, tech startups, the service industry and more. Each season will be filmed in a different city around the world; Berlin is the premier location. Part travel show, part business series, How To Make It In:________ presents an in-the-know guide to its location while also delivering helpful tips for anyone who’s ever dreamed of quitting their day job and starting fresh.

Stil in Berlin will present each episode exclusively, and we will start with a sweet one: if you ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes of the cutest bear business in Berlin: Zwei Dicke Bären have raised ice cream sandwich awareness in our city like no other. Enjoy the first episode of How To Make It In Berlin! And stay tuned for more, we’ll present new episodes soon!


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  1. Ahoi bSquary on


    Liebe Dicke Bären … come to Hamburg … please !!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      They’ve just been there at the ice cream market last week!

  2. Traveling Guide Collin on


    It’s posts like these that make me weak in the knees for German fare. Stellar video, my friend. My father is a native of Berlin and this would make him mighty proud.

    1. HowToMakeItIn: Berlin on

      Thanks Traveling Guide Collin! The series is born out of our love of traveling and our deep affection for this amazing city. Hope your dad got a chance to watch. So glad you liked the piece!

  3. Kate on


    Aww, you guys are so cute! So exciting to see you on the first episode!

  4. Lauren on


    BEST ICE CREAM SANDWICHES EVER. i need my next hit at markthalle 9

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