Lunch in Neukölln: Stella

Lunch on a workday can be tough. You want something healthy yet filling, enough to carry you through the rest of the day. You want something new, yet nothing experimental because time and focus are limited. You want something close by, yet not too close because you need the walk…Or am I only talking about my own needs at noon? Because on paper, that sounds a bit complicated. And yet, there are places catering to such demands, and here’s a new one: Stella.

About half way down Weserstraße (although it felt like it was almost at the end of the street/city when I went), properly nestled between a vintage store, an agency and a hip coffee place, not to mention across the street from a fair-trade fashion store and an architecture studio, you’ll find this little eatery. However, style-wise Stella is a cut above the rest. The narrow deli is decorated with white Parisian metro tiles, a generous wooden counter and shelving, and tastefully playful white lampshades. The real treasure, though, lies in the back room: Dorothy Draper Brazillance wall paper, with it’s intense emerald green banana leafs, covering one wall. Gorgeous.

stilinberlin stella-0666

The menu is a treat too, made-up of fresh, cold-served salads, two hot dishes, a soup and a choice of small sweet items. Read: Wild & brown rice, roasted sweet potato and hazelnut salad; melon, zucchini, goji-berry, mint salad with feta; brie mac and cheese (!); chipotle-cherry BBQ chicken; and many more. The menu changes daily with some of the favorites coming back regularly, like the NYC style sesame noodles, or the Orecchiette pasta. I went for two salads: a hearty bulgur with roasted cauliflower; and a fresh pasta salad with edamame beans and pesto. I liked them both a lot and the portion was quite filling for a mere 5,50 Euro.
Stella’s food-style reminded me of New York (think Brooklyn) delis and, as such, everything is available to take-away and either comes in a lunch-box or on a brown paper plate. All utensils (including cutlery) are disposable, but made of more environmentally friendly materials than the bog standard plastic.

Stella is a great option for a weekday or even weekend lunch. A good place to pick up some picnic items and inspiration for recipes to try out at home. (Eventhough one has to cycle down what feels like the entire length of Weserstraße for it!)

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Weserstraße 166

12045 Berlin Neukölln

Rathaus Neukölln

Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 11:30–17:00
Sat 13:00–17:00


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