Vintage in Berlin: Chrome Store

This is not your regular vintage store: no shaky old racks, no smelly piles of crackling fabrics, no need to navigate endless heaps of rummage, instead: clean chrome racks with carefully selected designer pieces, mirror cabinets presenting chunky jewelry and chic swimming attire, and lines of clean shoes. As well as a selection of the best Berlin based designers: welcome to Chrome Store.

Located in a still quiet road of notoriously busy Kreuzkölln, this new addition to the growing up vintage scene of Neukölln will win your heart in an instance. The owner Jochen Drewes chose this spot because he’s been living around the corner for the last ten years, seeing the area change and finally deciding to contribute to the diversifying atmosphere.

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Fashion by Penkov and Dietrich Emter
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Besides excellent choices of vintage designer wear for men and women, Drewes went for a still underrepresented field and presents a big selection of the Berlin based designers Hien Le, Sissi Goetze and Thone Negron, as well as jewelry by Hamburg designer Xenia Bous. While those are usually praised in press, they are oftentimes lacking sales outlets in their hometowns. It is, surprisingly, the first Berlin shop for Sissie Goetze, whose incredibly well designed menswear should be worn by way more Berlin men. (Here’s a guide on how to shop Berlin designers in Berlin!)

Besides those young ones, Drewes scored the remnants of Bernadette Penkov’s label as well as pieces of recently deceased Dietrich Emter. Chrome Store’s vintage choices are spot-on, so to say, and of course they come cleaned and ironed. So your newest bargain from brands like Acne, Marni, Burberry, and so on, can be worn instantly. No worries if your wallet is not up for the high class, those brands are mixed with special pieces by more affordable fashion houses.

A selection of Thone Negron
A selection of Thone Negron
Sissi Goetze's current collection
Sissi Goetze’s current collection
Hien Le's summer 2015 pieces
Hien Le’s summer 2015 pieces
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Chrome Store

Chrome Store

Lenaustraße 10

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 13:00–20:00
Sat 11:00–19:00