Lunch in Kreuzberg: Hallesches Haus

Hallesches Haus, that gem in the wastelands around Hallesches Tor, just opened their shiny and bright new restaurant area. Twice the size of their shop and beautifully lit by a skylight, it’s obviously as beautifully decorated as the rest of the shop: Prouvé lamps hanging over giant Nuts & Woods oak-steel tables, many thriving succulents on used wooden sideboards, tiled floors and speckled enamel lights. With the new space comes a full, open kitchen, where they are preparing simple yet delicious lunch bites, sandwiches, cakes and cookies.

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When I went last week, the menu featured a vegetable minestrone with bruschetta and lardo (6,00 Euro, 4,50 Euro without bruschetta), chicken curry with rice and salad (7,50 Euro), as well as fregola with artichoke, cardoon pilaf and fried egg (6,50 Euro). I went for a filled puff pastry that was displayed on the counter (amongst sandwiches, cookies and cakes), and albeit me never choosing a baked good like this, because mostly they are unpleasantly dry, this one caught my attention. And my intuition was right: a juicy filling met a crispy and light pastry, its layers baked to perfection. One rarely meets a savory pastry that good in Berlin, most are either dry or overly oily and tasteless in general. But Hallesches Haus will show you how it’s done. It came with a portion of fresh spinach and pear salad, with a nicely balanced dressing. And while this dish might look rather small in the picture, I guarantee you, it’s been fulfilling.
A couple days earlier I tried a soup, sweet potato with some ginger and curry notes that left an impression with me. Seems like everything here, while simple in its conception, has a charming and distinct flavor, showcasing ingredients and perfecting textures.

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After enjoying the savory, I chose a cake and coffee for dessert – the gluten free honey cake was deliciously sweet, but a bit heavy, so I took half of it home. Coffee was as good as it has always been.
And of course I wouldn’t leave Hallesches Haus without checking their product range: taking a look at the cacti vases for the millionths time (still not bought one, but want to!), thinking about where to put that pretty white owl or pondering the real need of a Chemex coffeemaker… It’s easy to loose your time here, but what a wonderful way to do so!

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Hallesches Haus

Hallesches Haus

Tempelhofer-Ufer 1

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Hallesches Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00
Sat 10:00–18:00
Sun 09:00–17:00


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  1. Familien Funk on


    This supper institution is very good indeed. Proper german food with international harmony – nice!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Happy you liked it :)

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