Mexican in Berlin: Neta

Okay, before you say something, I am not very well versed in that kind of food, so Neta might be serving Mexican, or a Californian version of Mexican food, I am not really able to tell – however, their tacos, tortillas, and burritos are delicious! And that means something, considering Mexican is not on my top list, but here in Mitte, the food is fresh, intense and features many delightful textures (which are not all mushy) and thus joins my list of lunch-favs in Mitte.

Neta is a very relaxed, yet nicely designed little shop on Weinbergsweg, just next to Daluma, a street where new food places seem to open every week – not many of them good, though. This area just attracts loads of investors, since you have a steady stream of hungry visitors and local creative workers looking for dainty food all day.

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Everything here’s handmade, from the bright pink pickled onions to the salty tortilla chips, and that creates some intense flavors and interesting textures. Te menu is concise and features the classics, tacos, burritos and quesadillas, either with chicken, beef or in a vegetarian or vegan version. Then there are the sauces and the fresh lemonades, at night completed by margaritas. We went for a quesadilla filled with sweet potato and cheese and served with their delicious guacamole and pickled onions, as well as vegetarian burrito filled with all kinds of things like pico de gallo, beans, rice and guac, both came on colorful enamel dishes and were delicious, as well as very filling (as it is with Mexican food). And surprisingly easy to eat! No smushed fillings slowly dropping on the plate, no need to constantly check whether you got some guac on your shirt. Very pleasing, I must say.

However, I can hear you asking “but what about the SPICE?” – well, I am not a good spicy eater. And thus ordering here, I didn’t even think about adding extra spice (like their sauces made of 20 different chilies) – also, they didn’t ask if we wanted to. So I can say nothing about their spice-realness and will have to ask you, lovely readers, if you left Neta with happily burning taste buds? Let me know! Or I’ll be back to sample the tacos, and have another serving of that delicious chips, maybe even with that mango hot sauce, made only of pureed mango and chili. Sounds good!



Weinbergsweg 5

10119 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

daily, 12:00–22:00


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  1. Lena on


    Dear Mary, I LOVE your website and your recommendations. So of course I also gave Neta a try, even though don’t live in Mitte anymore and it was a little ride. Well what can I say? I’m not a good spicy eater either, but I felt like the burrito and quesadilla both definitely lacked spice and flavor. And the chili sauce just made it too hot, not really tasty. On top, my burrito was hardly warm and for the price (it quickly adds up with one or two extras) I simply expect more in Berlin. Maybe they had a bad night (it was quite buisy), maybe I had one (argh, this weather), but I can neither recommend the place, nor will I return for dinner. At most for a quick lunch if one is around and graves mexican food. However when it comes to mexican food I’ll rather stick to Burrito Baby, their food is always brilliant :-) Or finally try out the mexican place on Chausseestraße which is supposed to be quite good as well and could be a good alternative for Mitte. Thank you anyways, your blog makes me happy.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oh no, I am so sorry to hear this! It’s never good if a place has such up and downs with food… I really liked it when we were there, hopefully they only had a bad night. Burrito Baby I love! ->
      The one on Chausseestraße is Tin Tan, right? Reviews online are mixed, but who believes the internet, right?

  2. Lena on


    Haha, beautifully said. Yes, it’s Tin Tan. Let’s see who get’s to check it out first ;-)

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