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Seriously: 10 New Places You Have To Try This Autumn

Wait, what? Is it really Autumn already? It is indeed my friends. This summer has been long and sweaty (with the occasional rainy week thrown in to add to the moisture levels) and has come to an end. The leafs are turning golden brown, the days are noticeably shorter and yes, temperatures are dropping. When the haze of summer ends, Berlin gets active again – new events and openings, filled calendars and busy schedules are calling! It’s time for a new list of (rather) new food places I (and maybe you) want to check out in the coming weeks. (Before reading this you might want to check the one from last Spring!) Assembled from tips from friends, strolling around and online hints. I’ve not been to any of them yet (as usual), but they sound most promising out of the bunch of new openings. Ordered alphabetically, this list is neither comprehensive nor objective but I invite you to join my autumnal research.
Oh, can I ask you to take a picture, upload it to instagram and let me (us) know by tagging it #seriousneweats, in case you make it to one of those? Thanks so much guys!

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Art in Berlin: Best of abc 2015

Okay, I need to use this first sentence to make clear that the headline of this post was made for baiting-reasons only. This is not the best-of of abc – art berlin contemporary, the big art-fair-cum-exhibition that opens today at Gleisdreieck. This article is, in fact, showing you my personal favs, the pieces that stood out to me in an early viewing yesterday during setup. Which sadly means video works are (wrongfully) not included here, since the many screens I saw were still black. Please read this one as a teaser instead, a glimpse that shall inspire you to visit this big, most important show of contemporary art!

Cake in Berlin: BullysBakery

This beauty is a rice pudding and raspberry cake I had at BullysBakery the other day. The place might not look super special and the selection is not necessarily big, but their pastry is really delicious! And these delicacies console for the fact they gave up on the Flammkuchen. Perfect pick-me-up on a gloomy weekday.

Mexican in Berlin: Neta

Okay, before you say something, I am not very well versed in that kind of food, so Neta might be serving Mexican, or a Californian version of Mexican food, I am not really able to tell – however, their tacos, tortillas, and burritos are delicious! And that means something, considering Mexican is not on my top list, but here in Mitte, the food is fresh, intense and features many delightful textures (which are not all mushy) and thus joins my list of lunch-favs in Mitte.

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