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You can get a pizza on every street corner in Berlin. There’s a plethora of Italian restaurants and ‘pezzi’ places claiming to be good at putting a bunch of ingredients on dough and baking it. Thing is, they ain’t. The general standard is pretty low on the Berlin pizza scene, surprisingly low, given that there are that many pizza places. The worst offenders are usually those calling themselves Italian, or even Neapolitan, which is the very reason only one pizza place made it onto this site so far: it’s not even trying to be Italian. However, food times change, and there has been somewhat of a revival on the Berlin pizza front of late. Which is why I and some food-savvy friends have gone on a little tasting tour of five new, and fairly hyped, pizza places in the past few weeks. The original goal was to write an overview of this sudden influx, the result, however, is only one worthwhile recommendation. Although you’d never guess it by its name, allow me to introduce the tastiest new pizza place on the block: Standard.

When the young, slightly grumpy (typically Berlin) waitress placed our Margherita (8,50 Euro) in front of us, my friend uttered ‘this will be the best we try all day’ I didn’t doubt it, but faked some optimism in respect of the other pizzerias we were to visit later. But she was right. Standard was indeed the best of the lot, with the others not even coming close in terms of quality of ingredients, baking, or taste.

stilinberlin standard pizza-0422

When Standard opened just off Schwedter Straße late last year, and subtitled itself with the tagline “serious pizza”, I wasn’t convinced. The place looked a bit too well designed – a bit too chic, the marketing was a tad too intense in its claims of making ‘real Neapolitan pizza’. Because most pizzerias claiming to do pizza the original way are promising too much, in fact pretty much all newly opened places in that area promise too much. It’s a given that traditional Neapolitan pizza can only really be had in Napoli, the pizza there is out of this world. Apparently it’s a combination of Napoli’s special humidity that’s perfect for the dough, and the fresh ingredients they use that make it so good (and that just can’t be exported without a loss of quality). Whatever it is, don’t even try to replicate – unless you’re serious about it. At Standard, this is not only a tagline.

stilinberlin standard pizza-0407

We’d made it a rule to only sample each restaurant’s Margherita on our tasting tour to allow a fair comparison, and their’s was stellar. They top it with Fior di Latte, a high quality mozzarella made of cow’s milk and widely used for pizza in Italy, San Marzano tomatoes, and a little bit of Pecorino cheese – which might not be strictly necessary or completely traditional, but delicious nonetheless. The dough was super tasty, albeit a tiny bit too thick and chewy in the centre but the crust was perfect. The three leaves of basil did seem somewhat stingey though- if you’re listing it on the menu, put a decent sprinkling of basil leaves on there – but the overall texture and taste combo was mouth watering. Exactly how a good pizza should be. To top it off it is made in a Stefano Ferraro, the standard hand-made pizza oven used in Napoli, which I’m sure gives it that extra flavour.

I can’t wait to get back and taste their Bianca with provola, pesto, aubergines and tomatoes (10,50 Euro), and their delicious sounding Calzone filled with spinach and fresh ricotta (10,50 Euro). When we went, they had Fresella as a special on the menu: a double baked bread with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and olive oil, which sounded seriously tasty. So I want to try that too… Pizza Pizza Pizza! I’m happy to be excited about it again.

Standard Serious Pizza

Standard Serious Pizza

Templinerstrasse 7

10119 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Senefelder Platz

Opening Hours:

Tue-Fri 18:00–00:00
Sat-Sun 13:00–00:00


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  1. V. on


    I love Standard :D And the Bianca especially, so I can recommend. (Here’s pics: The crust is to die for, I wish they’d serve an extra dip for that stuff. If you like Standard, Pizza Nostra and Mami Camilla are superb too, though. Hope you get to try the two sometime. I love Pizza Nostra’s Bufalina in particular, which is vegetarian, so it’s definitely something for you!

  2. Andreas on


    So… which were the other four which didn’t make the cut?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      sorry, but I am not telling.. not liking their pizza once is not enough reason to not recommend them.

  3. gingin on


    sounds delicious and mouth-wathering! also looking pretty amazing on the picture, guess i will go try it out soon :-)
    regarding pizza i have another favorite so far: Ristorante Masaniello!!! their pizza verace rossa is absolutely the best i’ve had here in berlin,and also italian (neapolitan) friends of mine rated it as really authentic and said it tastes like back home, a traditional Neapolitan pizza… on top of that, the place is very cozy in winter and supernice to sit outside in their garden terrace. friendly and talkative service makes an evening there perfect – like being on vacation in Italy!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I’ve never been very lucky at Masianello, although I know many people love it.. I find it okay, but nothing to seriously recommend..

    2. carolune on

      i agree on Masaniello. I doubt any pizza place can beat their pizzas! cause its deliiiiic

  4. Wohnzimmer Expertin Gerda on


    It sounds wonderful and delicous, and a good and friendly Service makes the dinner perfect. feeling like in Italy. A really fine tip for beeing in Berlin.
    Best regards, Gerda

  5. Joanne on


    Check out “Dolce Pizza” on Belziger Straße in Schöneberg. Nothing fancy, but the pizza is terrific.

  6. Gabriele on


    I am Italian, I tried Standard few weeks ago and I am not convinced : too less tomato, too less mozzarella fior di latte and a Margherita with Pecorino is not a Margherita: they should call it with another name!
    I totally agree on this: the dough is excellent and think is the best I’ve ever tried in Berlin!
    But my personal evaluation on that pizza is 6/10: when you eat a pizza and you can’t taste tomato and mozzarella because there is not enough of them…uhmmm…such a pity! With these conditions, the pizza is just a half of what it should be! Italian food is based on simplicity and the very high taste of its ingredients and if you can’t feel them… :-(
    I highly, highly recommend Masaniello (the Rossa Verace is to die for) and Papà Pane di Sorrento (the Papà Pane is unbelievable!).

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hi Gabriele, hmm.. maybe they reduced their tomato and fior di latte, because our portion was just right. Let’s hope this failure was just a one-off

  7. Jan on


    I feel like the cut of this post is a bit confusing. First you write you go on a tour to try the best pizza among the hottest newcomers, then you pick out a “best pizza in Berlin” place while not commenting at all on the others. Usually when you compare on this site you make up a rating system and that makes it interesting. For me either you recommend this place, but leave it kind of out it was a competition, or you have to give us all the information to judge. Not knowing who Standard was fighting with doesn’t give the reader enough information to appreciate this post.

    You can also invert your statement: does one good pizza at Standard makes it really that better then the others (which others?)? The “best” before pizza place also makes your “marketing” feel too intense just as you write.

    Other than that, nice written post as always

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It was confusing to me too! because I expected to write a list of places, and, seriously & disappointingly as well as surprisingly, all of the other places we had pizza at were not worth mentioning. And since I don’t like to diss places, I rather refrained from naming them.

      Pizza is a difficult thing.

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