Vegan Burger in Berlin: Let it Be

You might have thought I stopped, but my quest for delicious vegetarian and vegan burgers in Berlin continues with one very fine example today: Let it Be in Neukölln. You certainly remember my praise for their heavily filled crepes last year and my promise to come back to taste their burgers, so here we go.

Let it Be’s creative burgers come in five different versions and that is their forte – in normal burger places, vegans are happy to get one burger, vegetarians sometimes more, but rarely FIVE. It’s almost hard to choose… They’re named after famous vegetarian and vegan rock stars, boxers and actors, with different flavors and inspirations – for example, Thom Yorke comes with a vegetable patty, beetroot and hummus, Omar Rodriguez Lopez with a black bean patty, chipotle mayo and jalapenos, Chrissie Hynde with seitan, danish pickles, mayo and ketchup and red onions, and Peter Dinklage with a falafel-patty, hummus and curcuma-sauce. I didn’t get the relation of burger and name-giver, except for the Mike Tyson, which comes with a bbq-soy-steak, caramelized onions and bbq-sauce, thus I chose this one (also because Chrissie Hynde was out).

The burger’s size is impressive and will definitely satisfy your hunger and you probably won’t make it to a sweet crêpe for dessert. Albeit the bbq sauce being a little too intense for me, Let It Be definitely knows how to make a tasty vegan burger. Read on here to find even more delicious veggie and vegan burgers!

Let it Be

Let it Be

Treptowerstraße 90

12059 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon–Wed 17:00–22:00
Fri 17:00–22:00
Sat–Sun 13:00–22:00


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    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Good spotting, Morgan! However, it turns out many Worcester sauces available on the market are made without anchovies, so while not really traditional they are vegan. I consider Let it Be one of the shops where they’d actually get a vegan sauce.

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