Berlin’s Best: Hot Dog

We weren’t sure how you, our beloved Berlin audience, would react to a (slight) change of plan – instead of grilled patties past Saturday’s Burgers & Hip Hop was dedicated to the wiener packed in a bun and topped with all kinds of stuff: the hot dog. We felt like it was finally getting the attention it deserved and brought along seven dog-lovers to show their craft. They served their inventive creations to a delighted crowd from afternoon till late night. And you returned the love by voting for one of them in the “Berlin’s Best Hot Dog” competition. Read on to find out which dogs were brought, who won the coveted trophy and find out more about the secret to Berliners’ foodie-hearts.

stilinberlin best hot dog porn dogs-0562

Combining Kimchi and Curry, the Wut Tang Dog by Porn Dogs was decorated with a generous splash of black sesame sauce. With this black sauce they definitely earned kudos for courage, however, most people still seamed a bit frightened of dark food.

stilinberlin best hot dog honolulu dog-0583

Another super-courageous version was served to us by Honolulu Dogs, the dawg-project from the makers of Comptoir du Cidre. Their Elvis Dog combined a Hawaiian spiced pork sausage with a truly American roll, bacon-peanut-banana sauce, crispy cornflakes, grilled bacon lime AND fresh banana. Though obeying a Berlin-rule (more on that later), this experiment might have been a lil too much for Berlin’s palate.

stilinberlin best hot dog pignut bbq-0600

Despite not even being able to taste this one, Pignut BBQ’s smoked sausage in a pancake blanket with bacon and fried apple kind of made the most sense to me – the sausage looked wonderful with its herbs, the pancake is an obvious winner and the combo just sounded delicious. Everyone who ate this or one of their fresh fried corn dogs had a huge smile on their face.

stilinberlin best hot dog bourbon dog-0572

This stunner by Bourbon Dogs was called Bubba Bacon Gump and came with a homemade beef and pork sausage, crispy bacon, bourbon onions, jalapeno cheddar sauce, bacon chipotle mustard and butter braised shrimps. All in all a scrumptious and dirty affair, people looked beautiful eating it.

stilinberlin best hot dog son kitchen-0553

And now for the top-dogs: this one proved (one more time) Berlin’s never-ending love for Kimchi. Son Kitchen’s K-Dawg married a wiener to a brioche bun, put on some pickled red cabbage, chili-cheese and sweet onion sauce and added loads of home made kimchi. It was super filling, very soft yet spicy and thus earned 84 happy votes.

stilinberlin best hot dog nu port-0590

The fight for second and first place in the race for the trophy was fought with verve – placed next to last-time’s winner, Nu Port was in it to win it with their Panda Punch with carrot, mango, fresh cilantro and basil; and their Magic Lizzard with sweet-sour tomatoes, lemon grass, jerusalem artichoke flakes and shallots. With these, a joyous team and a beautifully decorated stand they convinced 106 people to put the voting-chip into their box scoring a great second place!

stilinberlin best hot dog royals and rice-0547

Again, this wasn’t enough to put an end to royals & rice’s winning streak: the old three-time-winners are now the four-time-in-a-row victors with a smashing 198 votes. Their Royalty D.O.G.G. came with their signature steamed bun, sate-mustard sauce, mango-chili ketchup, roasted onions, Vietnamese kimchi and fresh mango. There’s no doubt about it, Berliners love their burgers and hot dogs with a sweet and fruity twist and royals & rice satisfies this demand over and over again. Congratulations to a dedicated team!

After this hijack, we’re coming back for you in December with our 2nd anniversary – we couldn’t believe it ourselves, but it’s true! We promise you a gorgeous, never-before-seen line-up that will put the crown on this ongoing competition. Which has shown us, by the way, that to win it, you need to put some fruit on it – 9 of 12 winners have done so in the past – preferably mango, that seems to really hit home with Berlin burger lovers.


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