How to Make it in Berlin: Hüttenpalast

Unhappy in their previous careers, Silke Lorenzen and Sarah Vollmer decided to write their own second chapter as the proprietors of Hüttenpalast. The two combined their creative skills, business acumen and a little bit of nostalgia to create the most imaginative night’s rest Neukölln has on offer. They also happen to be a shining example of how to work with one’s partner and actually enjoy the experience. See how these two ladies quit their day jobs and let their passions lead them to success in this episode of How To Make It In: Berlin.


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  1. Denisse on


    This was wonderful to watch. When I (finally) travel to Berlin, I shall have to check their hotel and cafe out!

  2. Tina on


    That is brilliant, congrats!

  3. Alex on


    Lovely video, I live nearby, would love to see inside some day.

    Also Hobrecht Straße has some of the best bars in Neukolln.

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