Soup in Berlin: Laksa

Vegan curry laksa

Turns out, Laksa is one of the most popular Asian dishes especially in Australia. And I’ve never even heard of that soup before this pop-up event at Industry Standard. Ozzies Julian Boyce, the owner of chicken burger haven Piri’s in Wiener Straße, and Sebastian Andrews wanted to bring their favorite comfort food from home to the cold streets of Berlin – and all I can say is: thank you so much! (And believe me, you will thank them too…)

Some say Laksa translates as noodle soup, which it is, in fact – a highly delicious, spicy and filling soup served with tofu, chicken, prawns, fish and all kinds of other things. Some say Laksa translates to 1000 ingredients. In the case of the first Laksa place in Berlin (as far as I’m informed, let us all know about more Laksa in the comments, please!), we’re talking about Curry Laksa, to be precise, made from a coconut and curry-based broth. The other variation would be Asam Laksa, based on a more sour fish broth.

The Berlin Laksa soup is served in true Australian manner, with rice vermicelli (instead of broad Laksa rice noodles as it is common in Singapore) and comes in two varieties: with shrimp based coconut soup with chicken, or vegan with a vegetable and nut based coconut soup (!). The gritty and creamy texture of the broth is one of the more important and most delicious features of this heart-warming soup.
Just in case you’re more of a traditionalist I want to add this: since Laksa leafs can not be obtained in Germany (or got a tip?), they’re using curry leaves, Vietnamese mint and lime leaves.

Deep fried tofu, 4,50 Euro
Deep fried tofu, 4,50 Euro

Just one thing – Laksa soup is not yet available every day, Julian and Sebastian are taking over Industry Standard’s kitchen once a month (follow their facebook for updates), serving big bowls of this delicacy, as well as additional deep fried tofu or cooked pork mince and mushrooms as starters and / or sides. You can also get a smaller portion at their Laksa stall at Street Food Thursday, every Thursday at Markthalle Neun; or the breakfast market, every 3rd Sunday of the month, also at Martkhalle Neun. I used it to support my recovery from a grim cold last week and my poor self loved the chili kick.

The next Laksa Tuesday is happening Nov 3rd, at Industry Standard, enjoy!


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  1. V. on


    I’ve had Laksa in Singapore and Malaysia. I find it impossibly rich. But i can see how that is exactly what draws people to it. Friends of friends of friends I know from Munich serve Laksa with changing locations and food stands in Berlin too:

  2. Gigi on


    I had a great Laksa yesterday at Muse in Prenzlauer Berg. It is not on their regular menu though but is served as a special of the week. Tasted wonderful and perfectly spiced. Even better than the ones I had on my trips to Asia so far :)

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