Coming Up: Burger Feast

Already drooling? Then be prepared to hear about the best option to devour all them burgers at the upcoming Burgers & Hip Hop All Stars anniversary –– The Burger Feast Ticket.

We’re bringing back the glorious winners to fight the ultimate fight on December 5th at our favorite club, Prince Charles. You know that means we’ll have the best line-up possible – and we’re doing this to go one step further, to find the one burger to rule them all: Berlin’s Bestest Burger! Here are the contenders: brot & zeit, who won the very first battle; then District Mot, who won no. 23 and 4 in a row! Followed by Ban Ban KitchenPiri’sGorilla Barbecue and then a never seen before four-time-win by royals & rice at no. 9, spicy no. 10, tropical no. 11, AND hot dog themed no. 12. PLUS the winner of the public vote’s Wild Card: Golden Burgers!

To enjoy all them burgers get this special pre-sale-only ticket! It grants you priority entry for Burgers & Hip Hop – ALL STARS – no waiting in line for you – and an extra-special burger-funtimes. The ticket gives you half a burger (either meat or vegetarian, your choice!) from each of the seven vendors (which is more than 3 burgers in total, a.k.a. a lot), PLUS an ice-cream sandwich by Zwei Dicke Bären for dessert, and two fresh beers from the bar! That’s not all, you’ll also get two double votes in the #berlinsbestburger competition! Get it here!

The ticket is valid till 18.00.

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