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You know that Stil in Berlin is all about the good things in life and in our city, but that doesn’t mean we should forget that many are not as lucky as we are. Especially those who set off on life-threatening journeys from their war- and poverty-ridden home countries to come to Europe, Germany, and Berlin. Let’s join forces to make their arrival and their stay just that bit better.

You must have heard about the current refugees crisis. The situation is complex and the failings are multiple, but Berlin’s government especially has proven time and time again it is barely able to handle the matter. Faced with these administrative snafus, however, Berliners have stood up and taken matters into their own hands. Over the summer and autumn, thousands of us have collected and donated food and clothing, opening their homes and hearts to welcome the refugees.

But winter is coming, and while we all hoped the situation would have improved by now, it still is dire. Thousands are staying in gyms, airports, or exhibition halls, waiting for their opportunity to apply for asylum, all while forced to live off donations because they’re not legally allowed to work. Aid organizations are still in urgent need of donations, and while some of us already went through our closets once (or twice), I am also sure many of us haven’t (or have yet more they no longer actually need).

This is why I am so very happy that Warm Up is happening again. First organized 2 years ago, I started Warm Up to inspire and motivate you to donate clothing and money to support those in need in Berlin. This time, all donations will go directly to Kreuzberg Hilft, a tremendous volunteer organization that not only takes care of the volunteer work at three Kreuzberg refugee shelters, but has a storage facility to collect donations and distribute them to those shelters, organizations, and people that need them the most.

Last time,  we collected over 1700 kilo of clothing plus almost 500 Euro together, all while enjoying a wonderful Sunday with cake, coffee, and tunes, with a glorious raffle in the end that gave away wonderful prizes to donors. Which is exactly what we’re gonna do this time: You donate clothes (or money) and receive 1 raffle ticket per kilo donated. While you munch on some delicious cake by Tausendsünd, enjoy a coffee by Companion Coffee, or try one of the hot broths of Bonafide Broth – all of whom will donate parts of their proceeds – we will collect the clothing and prepare the raffle.

About that raffle: we are proud to say that Berlin’s very best companies did not hesitate to jump on board, giving us prizes worth well over 1000 Euros. You will want them all, so here’s the list of our generous sponsors: Aesop, AM+Big Stuff Smoked BBQ, Deliveroo, do you read me?!, Geist im Glas, Hallesches Haus, Industry Standard, Kochtail, MDC Cosmetic, MYKITA, NEW TENDENCY, P & T Paper & Tea, Parkhaus, Pauly Bar, and Voo Store

Here’s what we need you to donate.

To make sure we only collect the stuff that’s really needed, the following list has been compiled together with Kreuzberg Hilft:

  • Used or new women’s or men’s winter clothing: jackets, pullovers, pants & jeans, hats, scarves & gloves (only in sizes S & M, all washed & intact)
  • Or donate new items: socks (cotton or wool), underwear & undershirts (sizes S–XL, muted colors & conservative cuts). Seriously, the demand for these is huge and Kreuzberg Hilft actually spends a lot of the donated money to buy underwear and socks. The market at Maybachufer is a good place to shop for these items.
  • And of course: winter shoes, blankets, mats & sleeping bags

Sadly we won’t be able to accept any other donations and will have to be strict. Anything else would create more work to sort, clean, wash, and repair the pieces. Also, please bear in mind that many of the people benefiting from this are Muslim and coming from a war zone, so please refrain from giving us sweaters with “fun quotes” or anything military. Just be a considerate donor and check the list and you’ll be fine!

Also, if you already have stuff ready, don’t wait until December, bring it to Kreuzberg Hilft now, they are looking for more items than what’s on our list: food, cosmetics and hygiene products, kids’ clothes, BVG tickets, and so on.

Once again, all the info: Warm Up 2 is happening on Dec 13th at Voo Store, Oranienstraße 24 in Kreuzberg. Donations can be dropped off from 15:00, raffle starts at 19:00. And here’s the facebook event.

Thanks already to Alexandra Bruns for once again creating a glorious visual, and Florian Duijsens for copy-editing.

Voo Store

Voo Store

Oranienstraße 24

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Kottbusser Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 10:00–20:00


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