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Nope, you don’t actually need a car when you live in Berlin. However, there are certain situations when you might want a car. Especially when it’s about discovering the Brandenburg fields around the city. Which is why I have teamed up with Opel’s new car sharing service CarUnity, to be able to bring you the finest sceneries, food places and hide-aways in Brandenburg (and probably Saxony, Mecklenburg Vorpommern and more). Starting with a beautiful little village in the Uckermark: Ringenwalde.

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Thing is, and long-term readers know that already, I love the country side, especially Brandenburg with its soft moraine landscapes, and I love myself an Ausflug, a day-time trip either to see a sight or walk for hours through forests, usually ended with a lunch or dinner somewhere. From now on, I can bring you even more destinations thanks to CarUnity, a service that is basically AirBnB for cars. You rent a private car from someone near you, pay a certain fee and all insurance questions are handled by the service (you can even use it in a circle of friends to cover insurance costs when borrowing a car).

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For our first outing, we decided to go North into the Uckermark, mainly drawn by the beautiful scenery and a slow-food restaurant in Ringenwalde called Zum Grünen Baum. But before entering the lovely place in the center of the tiny village, we headed out to take a walk through the forest, discovering even tinier villages, more like assemblies of two or three houses in the middle of the woods, vast and wet fields of greenery, and loads of thick moss.

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Zum Grünen Baum is a family-run restaurant serving country style food made from local and seasonal ingredients with the occasional excursion (just last week, they invited a Syrian chef to prepare a dinner, follow their facebook page for more special events).
Their menu is quite German in its eclecticism, meaning a St. Martin’s Goose currently meets a fresh pasta dishes and a Schnitzel Wiener Art. Most of it is pretty typical for the area, because their produce is local: cheese from Bandelow on top of local purple and red potatoes, home made blood sausage served with Sauerkraut, and a local bread topped with home made and regional cheese and Wurst. We enjoyed all of it, especially a variety of apple juice with peachy flavors. Sadly, the plum filled potato dumplings where already finished when we arrived… which only tells you a lot about the popularity of this place. Can’t wait to discover more places like this soon, stay tuned!

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    Teaming up with Opel CarUnity? What’s next – tasty donut showering foam? Please don’t turn this nice blog into a social influencer commercial playground

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