Lunch in Kreuzberg: ORA

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Good news! Everyone’s favorite place to spend all day, ORA, just renovated their kitchen to serve even better, even bigger plates filled with delicious regional and seasonal dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Just thought you needed to know.

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I realized how much I liked ORA when it shut down for renovation for a couple of days at the end of October. So I went on the first day they opened again. It’s just such an easy place to spend your time, with its stunning yet relaxed and cosy interior, friendly staff and easy food. They closed to build in a bigger and better kitchen to have a bigger and better menu: not only do they now serve their classics like the Graupenrisotto (pearl barley risotto, 6,90 Euro) and roasted pumpkin soup in bigger portions, they added some new favorites. Their homemade bread (the best in the area) comes now with grilled cheese and mushrooms, pastrami, cheese and pickles or sautéed kale, goat cheese and egg. The picture above shows their pretty perfect poached eggs (5,20 Euro), and the picture below a small portion of the salad made of Postelein, goat cheese and Haferwurzel (a root of the salsify family, also known as oyster plant).
The obviously still have loads of their sweet treats, delicious cinnamon buns, cakes, brioches and much more.

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Oranienplatz 14

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 12:00–01:00
Sat 09:30-01:00
Sun 09:30–24:00


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