Lunch in Kreuzberg: Pacifico

Sometimes, lunch on an office day can be tough – the routine kicks in and we find ourselves at the same spot, day in, day out. The area around Moritzplatz and Oranienstraße is certainly not short in opportunities. However, a little novelty goes a long way and every opening is greeted with excitement. This new kid on the block is taking everything everyone always liked for lunch, puts it in a bowl and serves it with kimchi fries: welcome Pacifico.

Kahuna Bowl, 6,30 Euro
Kahuna Bowl, 6,30 Euro

Pacifico is the newest opening of the guys behind Prince Charles and Parker Bowles, which is a guarantee for it to be good: the interior is as cool as it gets, the menu is slick and easy, and the food is fresh, tasty and makes we want to come back over and over again.
The crew did not only go for another name starting with a P, they also decided to stay in their building for the newest venture: Pacifico is located in a corner spot inside the latest addition to Aufbauhaus, the club and restaurant are just foot steps away.

The name refers to the food, a loose combination of dishes found around the Pacific – with a heavy influence from Korea, some touches of Hawaii and much spice from Mexico and California. We went on a regular business day, and despite the place being quite full and the service boosting quintessential Berlin charm, the dishes arrived quick and looked scrumptious. Especially the extra serving of Kimchi fries, a mix of fried potato and sweet potato, generously basted with gochujang majo and kimchi. A very delicious, yet heavy special treat that I suggest is best shared with some lovely friends.

stilinberlin pacifico-1127
Seoul Bowl, 5,90 Euro

We all went for some kind of bowl, the menu also offers brioche bun burgers and bao bun tacos, that we’ll have to try another time. The bowl menu is essentially updated bibimbabs, a.k.a. everyone’s favorite lunch, that can be enjoyed as is or made even better with a choice of toppings like spicy pulled pork or beef, crispy duck, poke, or tofu and mixed veggies. Can’t wait for what they’ll add to the menu next, and if I can make a wish it would be a spicy Kimchi jigae. Thanks.

It’s definitely a new favorite for lunch, especially in the upcoming cold season when a bowl filled with hot and fresh goodies can give you the needed kick. If you mix it well, that is!
stilinberlin pacifico-1132



Oranienstraße 147

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Thu 12:00–22:30
Fri–Sat 12:00–23:00


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  1. Karollyn's World on


    I got hungry!! Delicious looking food :D

  2. Andreas Waltz on


    I don’t get Mary. It’s a generic overpriced hipster eatery with little culinary vision.

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