Archive: November 2015

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Lunch in Kreuzberg: ORA

Good news! Everyone’s favorite place to spend all day, ORA, just renovated their kitchen to serve even better, even bigger plates filled with delicious regional and seasonal dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Just thought you needed to know.

Lunch in Kreuzberg: Pacifico

Sometimes, lunch on an office day can be tough – the routine kicks in and we find ourselves at the same spot, day in, day out. The area around Moritzplatz and Oranienstraße is certainly not short in opportunities. However, a little novelty goes a long way and every opening is greeted with excitement. This new kid on the block is taking everything everyone always liked for lunch, puts it in a bowl and serves it with kimchi fries: welcome Pacifico.

Escape: Meran in Südtirol

After getting lost on the steep mountain roads twining through the orchards and vineyards, it was a strange feeling, stepping out of the car and looking out over the darkened valley below, lights all atwinkle like some Tyrolean city of angels. Night had fallen as we went up, and a brook crashed loudly downward somewhere nearby. The farmhouse where we had parked didn’t look stereotypically Tyrolean, but then again, it also didn’t look like it dated back to 1318. Inside, we’d find the dining room papered in newsprint from to the 18somethings. But we didn’t come to the Schnalshuberhof for history, we thought, we came here to törggel. And there’s no other way to törggel but to törggel hard.

Café in Berlin: Buchholz

Giant savoy cabbages are growing in a hidden backyard in the middle of Mitte, just next to chard and herbs. They already harvested the kale, we were told by the lovely waiter, who took her time to explain us the concept of this new place, that can rightly be called gem. I know the location from when it used to house a somewhat “Alpine” restaurant and some of the most intense theater and art world parties about five or six years ago. Now it’s home to a new cooperation between furniture brand Buchholz and the guys behind Lokal and Kantine – and their new Laden is both stunning and delicious.

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