Woah: Burgers & Hip Hop All Stars

I guess it’s hard to believe but yes! We’re seriously doing this for 2 years now – celebrating the art of patty grilling and the mastery of stacking with the finest tunes of Hip Hop. We’ve been voting loads and loads of times to find those who make Berlin’s Best Burgers and it’s finally time to bring the glorious winners back to fight the ultimate fight: welcome to Burgers & Hip Hop All Stars coming up December 5th at our favorite club, Prince Charles.

You know that means we’ll have the best line-up possible – and we’re doing this to go one step further, to find the one burger to rule them all: Berlin’s Bestest Burger! Here are the contenders:
brot & zeit, who won the very first battle; then District Mot, who won no. 2, 3 and 4 in a row! Followed by Ban Ban Kitchen, Piri’s, Gorilla Barbecue and then a never seen before four-time-win by royals & rice at no. 9, spicy no. 10, tropical no. 11 AND hot dog themed no. 12.

Which is already a lot, right? Just not enough for us, that is! We are looking for another contender and this is where you come in! There’s one more spot to be given to a serious Berlin Burger Star: the wild card! We asked four runner-ups to face the public’s (your) vote: Bunsmobile, Chilees, Golden Burger and Tommi’s Burger Joint! Tick the box of your favorite to help them get into this major battle – just so you know: you can vote once a day. But only until Nov 19th! When the results and much more will be revealed.

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  1. Josh on


    Will there be “all you can eat tickets” available again for the upcoming anniversary edition of burgers and hip-hop? If so, when?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      There will be, yes! Announced soon :)

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