Berlin’s Best Burger: All Stars

I’m kind a lost for words describing the party we had past Saturday, not only did we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of your favorite party – Burgers & Hip Hop – at Prince Charles with the best burgers artists of the city,burger macarons, two burger pinatas and a stunning new trophy, but received over 900 votes to find Berlin’s Bestest Burger ever. The ultimate battle of all our previous winners turned out to be hot as hell. Find out who won, here!

stilinberlin brot zeit-1426

This stunner was the newest creation of our first winner everbrot & zeit. I heard raving reviews all night, sadly, the guys brought “only” 200 of their Bronsolinio with a thick, dry age beef patty, daikon, chipotle, coriander in a brioche bun and were sold out very quickly…

stilinberlin royals rice-1478

Fourtimein-arow winner, royals & rice, brought their very beloved Mass Appeal with organic beef, grilled avocado and Vietnamese kimchi in a bao bun.

stilinberlin golden burgers-1450

Look at this beauty! Wild card winner Golden Burgers’ creation with the amazing name LL Kohl J served a beef patty with apple bbq sauce, raclette cheese, red cabbage and glazed bacon and was a favorite with the Burger Feasters (who ate all burgers and had 2 double votes thanks to their pre-sale ticket).

stilinberlin gorilla barbecue-1408

Not only a pretty face was Prince William of Gorilla Barbecue (winner of no. 8) whose beef patty was hugged by goat cheese, walnuts, whisky-chutney and a brioche bun and won a lot of voters’ hearts.

stilinberlin piris-1415

This is Piri’s (aka winner of no. 6) fantastically named Notorious P.I.G. – slow cooked pork pelly with cheese, chipotle and apple yoghurt coleslaw in a very pretty, very sesame-embellished bun had people falling in love.

stilinberlin ban ban kitchen-1468

This professionally stacked creation by Korean-Food-Stars Ban Ban Kitchen combined caramelized bulgogi beef with cheddar, ginger aioli, kimchi salsa and nashi pear to a most delicious burger.

stilinberlin district mot-1422

And now, the All Stars Winner

It was pink and sultry, sweet and hot, and won the hearts of our audience by storm: District Mot’s original bao burger, who already won three times in a row in 2014, won the ultimate burger battle with their steamed Banh Bao Burger with a beef patty, green papaya salad, pineapple, roasted peanuts, three (!) home made sauces, basil, tofu skin and an egg, if you liked. Loads of congratulations to the winners, congratulations to Berliners, who seem to love their Vietnamese steamed burgers more than anything else.

It was a blast, you guys, you’re all winners.


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  1. Forrest on


    Wo überhaupt sind Görliburger und Bürgermeister? Sind sind berühmte Lokale, die zwar ein einfacheres aber auf jeden Fall leckeres Angebot anbieten. Dennoch sind sie nicht Yuppie-Burgers, wie die Erwähnten.

  2. Alex on


    Great article! Congratulations to the winner District Mot’s! However, my personal favorite is the “Bird” Burger! Followed by the Burgermeister…

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