Best of: The 10 Most Popular Food Places of 2015

That most important meal of the day

2015 is over, my friends, time to take a look back on what this year has accomplished. While the big picture is quite depressing, a smaller, more local picture, maybe one limited to the food-related parts of life, actually makes a good one – Berlin’s food scene has definitely grown beyond all expectations, the number of new openings made it hard to follow, but the old players definitely had something to add to the game as well. 2015 was in fact so packed with food experiences, it makes me almost scared for the coming year, how’s one supposed to keep up?! I don’t expect this food-evolvement to end very soon – Lucky us & Guten Rutsch!

I don’t think we ever had that many new openings in one year, new places all around town serve delicious food from morning to night to an ever hungry crowd. Which is why the most read article on this blog was actually a list of new openings past Spring. (To be perfectly honest, the most viewed of the year is our 2014 guide to great coffee, which will receive an update in 2016). Oh and of course burgers are still very much in demand, pushing Burgers & Hip Hop to popularity rank 4. Also not to forget, this list of soups to keep you warm in winter. And the contest of Berlin’s Best Bread, that would all be included if this list wasn’t about certain places.

However, this list is about places, that were tried and tested and hence recommended. And one big topic of 2015 was certainly the first meal of the day and the time to rediscover something Berlin couldn’t deliver for decades: decadent and scrumptious Brunch!

vegan food in Berlin Mitte

10. Daluma – 11.611 Views

In 2015, Berlin finally experienced the super food trend to the fullest, thanks to this clean eating heaven close by Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte. The reasons for their popularity are quickly named: the food is fresh and healthy, the menu changes while keeping the crowd pleasers, and their best feature is being delicious. That chocolate smoothie. Just wow. – Read the review here.

Outside of Liquid Garden in Prenzlauer Berg

9. Liquid Garden – 11.989 Views

As said, clean eating definitely arrived this year – Liquid Garden in Prenzlauer Berg played its role well in this journey by serving complex, super green and definitely yummy smoothies made from local and seasonal goodies. – Read the review here.

fried brioche at silo berlin

8. Silo – 14.069 Views

Here we go with the first, and very important hot new breakfast addition. Inspired by Australian morning culture, this coffee shop has won our hearts despite its location in Friedrichshain. Because of their own refined brunch cuisine and thanks to kitchen take-overs by talents like Lode & Stijn. – Read the review here.

Brunch at Geist im Glas

7. Geist im Glas – 14.932 Views

Another super fan-favorite of new brunch is this one in Kreuzkölln. Their delicious brunch menu is paired with their strength of serving smashing alcoholic drinks – supporting day time drinking by giving you the food needed to handle it, basically. Be happy to hear they’re also taking care of you on the first day of the coming year with their New Year’s Brunch! – Read the review here.

Interior of Original Unverpackt Berlin

6. Original Unverpackt – 15.793 Views

While this one was opened in 2014 already, I actually waited quite a bit with a recommendation. The first hype around this new grocery store, that avoids packaging and sells everything in bulk, was great, but what they need are long-time customers and a consistent demand. Which is why I am more than happy this article got into the top 10. Keep on striving for zero-waste! – Read the review here.

stilinberlin brot butter-0891

5. Quick & Easy Breakfast Guide – 17.850 Views

Yeah, well, not a place, but a list of many places. But nothing underlines Berlin’s new found love for breakfast as much as the popularity of this (and the other) guide, that was actually published quite late in the year. It presents you a plethora of options when hunger is big, yet time is short, from German Käseteller, superfood bowls to third wave coffee. – Find the list here.

Chutnify Berlin Indian Restauran

4. Chutnify – 18.274 Views

We all had to wait way too long for a good Indian place to eat in Berlin, haven’t we? The more understandable was and is the excitement for this eatery in Prenzlauer Berg, serving the best Indian food I had in Berlin. I hope it’ll inspire many more to come. – Read the review here.

stilinberlin ora-0269

3. ORA – 19.868 Views

Kreuzberg has a new Kaffeehaus, a stunning one that is – in a renovated former pharmacy, fluffy cinnamon buns, a very good home baked sourdough bread, and very well made cocktails are served from morning till night. People (and I) love it. – Read the review here.

stilinberlin hallesches haus-0919

2. Epic & Indulgent Brunch Guide – 28.265 Views

The second part of the long awaited breakfast guide, focussing on the days when the stomach is empty and time is plenty, has been even more celebrated than the first part – summoning up the best places to stay for hours while munching pancakes, french toast, poached eggs, avocado on toast and so much more – find the list here.

buttermilk pancakes at distrikt coffee berlin mitte

1. Distrikt Coffee – 29.497 Views

When I left this new spot in Mitte last January, I was definitely excited about this addition: in a beautiful space, nice staff serves very good coffee with all kinds of delicious treats, from breakfast to lunch and afternoon cake. By now, they’re stacking their pancakes (yes!) and have added even more delights: smoothie and acai bowls, poached eggs, and much more. Read the review here.

Thank you for following Stil in Berlin. Guten Rutsch and see you next year! (Marking our unbelievable-but-true 10th Birthday!)


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  1. Antonia on


    Gute Kritiken und nette Bilder, aber könnt ihr euch mal euren unterschwelligen Hass auf Friedrichshain sparen? Es fällt auf und es nervt. Eventuell besuche ich die Woche mal das Silo – obwohl es auf eurem Blog veröffentlicht wurde.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Diese Abneigung ist sehr persönlich, schwer zu überkommen und ich versuche gar nicht, sie zu verbergen… Aber sie hält mich nicht davon ab, immer mal wieder nachzuschauen, was da so los ist und ein paar Perlen zu finden (Neben Silo auch noch: Aunt Benny, Laauma und hoffentlich bald noch viel mehr)

  2. Bivi on


    Original unverpackt sieht super aus, besonders für den Zero-Waste Lebensstil ;)
    Wäre bestimmt den Platz weiter empfehlen! Wenn es so einen Platz überall in der Welt gäbe, na würde ist nicht überhaupt wundervoll?
    Danke für diese Empfehlungen! Bitte mehr noch im nächsten Jahr ;)

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