Christmas Gift Guide: 10 From Berlin

Still don’t know what to give for Christmas? Even with the guides for food lovers, interior people, and fashion and beauty addicts? Well, why not go local and bring something from the city we all love the most? But don’t fret, this list doesn’t recommend plush-Currywurst-toys or ombre-Fernsehturm-candles, but original and beautiful products by small and independent brands in Berlin. Husch, Husch, Go shop!

Picture: Comfort Zone Berlin Cook Book
Picture: Comfort Zone Berlin Cook Book

Comfort Zone Berlin Cook Book
This one’s a unique bilingual Berlin cookbook featuring the stories of more than 25 migrant Berliners and the foods and recipes that represent their multi-cultural journeys. With over 50 recipes from all over the world, it celebrates the cosmopolitan nature of Berlin and explores the concept of what “home” means in our globalized world. Available for 35,- online or in selected stores.

Berliner winter hot apple drink
Picture: stilinberlin

Brandenburg apple juice with a shot by Berliner Winter
A very delicious drink to make your Christmas party a whole lot better – apple juice, spices and Vodka. Enjoy it hot, but not boiling hot, because who would want to get rid of the alcohol in these depressing winter days? Available for 3,50 (0,2l) here.

Personalized necklace by Wald Berlin
Give something ultra personal this year, like a necklace with a special word custom made by Wald Berlin. Available from 29,- in store and online at Wald Berlin, Alte Schönhauser Str. 32c in Mitte.


Coffee cups by Kaffeeform
Hey you coffee lover, ever thought of doing something with all those kilos of coffee grounds? Why not make coffee cups out of it? Kaffeeform is doing exactly that, producing cups from about 6 recycled espresso grounds each, fit for daily use and dishwasher friendly! Set of 2 for 35,- available in their online shop.


Mixed crate of beer by Heidenpeters
Yumminess often comes in the form of craft beer, especially if it was brewed by local craft heroes Heidenpeters, who just presented a special and very Christmas gift appropriate mixed crate with all their crazy brews for a hoppy Christmas! Available for 15,– at the Heidenpeters bar at Markthalle Neun, Eisenbahnstraße 42-43 in Kreuzberg.

Pillows by Rianna + Nina
With winters being grey and long, presents bursting with color are a very welcome change – if your presentee does not fear intense hues, one or two or even more of the wonderful pillows made and sold at this little treasure chest make him or her really happy. Available from 90,- to 250,- at Rianna + Nina, Torstraße 62 in Mitte.

80020-1-1-golden-earl-vtik-rectangleVodka Tea infusion kit by Paper & Tea / Our/Berlin
Many people are very happy to receive boozy presents, and in case the one’s on your list are also interested in local distilling and special flavoring, this one will make the cut: our/berlin vodka has teamed up with local tea dealer Paper + Tea to create a set to infuse the clear vodka with some well chosen Earl Grey or vanilla black tea leaves. Available for 18,- online and in stores at Paper & Tea.


Beard oil by OAK
There are so many beards in Berlin, but only a few are taken good care off. Give the multiple beards in your life a reason to put more effort into grooming with one of OAK’s easy to use, natural facial hair care products developed with beard stylists and enthusiasts. Like the oil, recommended for daily use to smooth the hair and make it even softer to the touch. Available for 38,50 in their online shop.

Picture: Voo / Sigurd Larsen
Picture: Voo / Sigurd Larsen

Sigurd Larsen’s concrete letters at Voo
Berlin based architect Sigurd Larsen created these letters together with Danish typography design house Playtype, The letters are hand-made, cast in concrete using a unique wooden formwork for each letter. Available for 39,- at Voo, Oranienstraße 24 in Kreuzberg.

stilinberlin the best places in berlin map-005424

Best of Berlin Map by Stil in Berlin
Well, not to brag or anything, but our own map guiding you to all the great eating and shopping places makes a pretty good Christmas present. And if you order until Dec 18th, it is highly likely to arrive in time. Available for 9,90 online and in selected stores (Do You Read Me, Voo Store, The Store, Hallesches Haus and A M +).