Drinking in Berlin: Pauly Bar

Imagine one of those Berlin December nights, lights out at 5pm, the weather cold, probably wet, and the mood low, with a winter depression lurking around the corner. Then, a warmly lit bar, cosy couches, nice bartenders, a good choice of booze, some easy, non-disturbing music. And a freshly fried, whole cauliflower placed directly in front of you, ready to be devoured with your drink of choice. Welcome to Pauly Bar.

stilinberlin pauly bar-1181

Bar food is still not a regular in Berlin, despite it making so much sense, everyone gets hungry or at least is feeling the appetite come up if drinking high quality alcohol. Or is this just me? Not too many cater to that alcohol-related urge, but this one does splendidly – the menu of Pauly Bar, Pauly Saal’s adjacent bar, is short, but quite complex and prepared by the same kitchen and head chef, Arne Anker, as Pauly Saal. Basically an easy (and more affordable) way to enjoy Anker’s cooking, without reserving a table weeks in advance.
From simple treats like pickled vegetables and nut mixes, to cheese with house made bread and grissini, and, finally, dishes like the fried cauliflower (12 Euro) or a wagyu beef with mashed potato (18 Euro). And while yes, the mashed potato (that I received with vegetables instead of beef) is more delicately plated, the impact of a whole cauliflower on a wooden board is just too beautiful and impressive. The picturesque brassica comes with beurre polonaise, a heap of buttered breadcrumbs. It’s very delicious, I almost ate my half entirely, one just can’t stop picking at this gorgeous vegetable, while sipping cocktails.

Honey Nut Sour
Honey Nut Sour

The alcohol, why yes, not to forget about that. The drinks menu has been revised for the winter, now serving seasonal specialities like a Honey Nut Sour with peanut washed bourbon, honey and lemon; or the dessert-y Coffee Cobbler with cacao beans brandy, cold brew coffee and essence of orange. My lovely date’s favorite was the summery South Sea, strawberry and red berry vodka, with kafir lime leaf sirup and soda (11 Euro each). But obviously, the bar is very flexible, catering to your every wish.

Intrigued? Well, you can win a night at Pauly Bar during our clothing for refugees donation event this Sunday! Check all the info here, come, donate, win and devour that cauliflower!

stilinberlin pauly bar-1185
The wagyu beef dish without the beef
stilinberlin pauly bar-1182
South Sea
stilinberlin pauly bar-1189
Bar food dessert: aloe vera and whisky ice cream
stilinberlin pauly bar-1163
Coffee Cobbler
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Pauly Saal

Pauly Saal

Auguststraße 11–13

10117 Berlin Mitte

Oranienburger Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Thu from 18:00
Fri–Sat 12:00–14:00, from 18:00