How to Make it in Berlin: House of Dotcity

House of Dotcity is a delightful concept store at Graefestraße 2 in Kreuzberg, founded and run by Pete and Verena. They have curated a space that’s warm and inviting, chic yet understated, and able to accommodate wallets of all sizes. They do it all together and still manage to smile, love each other and pay the rent.

In addition to their original Kreuzberg location, they’ve just opened a second shop in Schöneberg and have launched an online store that ships internationally. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

How To Make It In: Berlin is here to tell you about the little big shop of House of Dotcity and what makes this place so great.


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  1. Zhana on


    What a cute video, thanks!

  2. Daliah on


    Their store in Schöneberg on Goltzstraße is just around the corner from where I live and I found several christmas present, for others and myself ;-)
    Pete is super friendly and has great gift-wrapping-skills!
    So nice to read about them and their store here!

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