Breakfast in Berlin: The Store Kitchen

I’ve been raving about the food served at The Store Kitchen before, and I’ve included their breakfast in the Epic & Indulgent Breakfast Guide. However, I think it’s important to once more draw attention to what I think is one of the best, most contemporary and often times most creative breakfast menus we have. So here we go…

stilinberlin the store kitchen-1283

I went back for breakfast this past weekend, hoping for a re-union with those delicious sourdough waffles with kale, porcini, poached egg and house made hot sauce pictured on top. Alas, they did not have them, since their menu changes regularly – a reason to drop by often – and so we chose green eggs with duqqa, an Egyptian mix of herbs, nuts and spices; as well as scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cilantro. And since they also did not have the sourdough pancakes with poached quince anymore, we went for the equally scrumptious ricotta hot cakes with banana and cashew nuts.

stilinberlin the store kitchen-1287
Ricotta hot cakes

The Store Kitchen is run by Johnnie Collins and Tommy Tannock, both hailing from the UK, with Tommy having the most profound knowledge of food and its history. Their food is benefiting from this, it’s very contemporary without being overly trendy. While they choose certain elements of all kinds of food trends, they’d never entirely devote their kitchen to one, as it is so often done nowadays. Thus, their food is neither paleo, nor vegan, or clean eating only, but is certainly inspired by all of them plus a lot of international cuisines. All of which is grounded on the premise that dishes are only as good as the ingredients used to prepare them – so The Store Kitchen is working with local farms and producers (the ricotta is from Brandenburg, for example) to get the tastiest produce.

stilinberlin the store kitchen-0928

When the clock hits 12 pm, the menu is expanded with big bowls filled with different salads made of crunchy vegetables and silky tahini sauces, or warm mixtures of rice, fermented everything and arabic add-ons.

The food is topped off with coffee with dairy or almond milk, a selection of cold pressed juices and delightful tea. It is all you need in the morning, really. And the best thing about it? They’re serving this brunch food every day (except Sundays, when The Store is closed).

stilinberlin the store kitchen-1285
Green eggs with spinach, fennel and duqqa
stilinberlin the store kitchen-0925
The Store

The Store

Torstraße 1

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 10:00–19:00


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  1. Diralitex on


    Those plates are really impressive. I’ve never tried those recepies, but my apetite is on a high level instantly!

  2. Bianca @itsallbee on


    This looks delicious! I will have to check it out when I revisit Berlin.

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