Chinese in Berlin: Da Jia Le

Da Jia Le, stilinberlin, Chinese restaurant Berlin

This place has been recommended to me over and over again, however, it took me a long time to try it and I blame that on its odd location – but when friends were inviting me to take a look at their new house around the corner, I used the opportunity and asked them to eat at Da Jia Le, where Dongbei, Northeast Chinese, food is served. And yes, it’s worth traveling to this not very pretty part of Schöneberg.

Da Jia Le, stilinberlin, Chinese restaurant Berlin

Really, not pretty – Da Jia Le is located by a four lane street, in the midst of social housing. One of them, just down the street, is the infamous Pallasseum, a project built in the 70s, that used to be the prime example of failed post-war housing development, but has improved its image over time.
Entering Da Jia Le, it reminded me of my time in Uzbekistan, where restaurants often also have a industrial hall kind of feel with neon lights and colored walls (in Da Jia Le’s case it’s a bright green), automatic sliding doors and chunky furniture. The clumsy interior style is something I don’t mind, some might even think this adds to the authenticity of a place.

Da Jia Le, stilinberlin

We ordered a selection of our favorites, probably missing out on the specialities the Dongbei kitchen has to offer, because they weren’t standing out to us on the menu this particular day. The tofu skin, cucumber salad, and marinated tofu as cold starters were all delicious and solid. And while the fried potato strips were a bit flat compared to those served at, say, Shaniu, I liked the crispy fried Yu Xiang aubergines. We finished all of it, despite ordering too much, possibly the best indicator of how much we liked it.

Do I think it’s the best Chinese place in the city? Not really, but does it have to be about the best of the best, the top of the list always and only? I couldn’t even say which one’s the best Chinese in the city, and I don’t think I have to make a decision. This is a good place to have a yummy Sunday feast with friends on a rainy afternoon, of which we’ve had so many these past weeks. Also, I can’t come up with any other decent place to eat in that area, can you? (Ixthys down the road has quite good Korean food, but their missionary efforts are annoying, to say the least.)

Isn’t it lovely how much of a choice of good and delicious Chinese food we have? There has been somewhat of a wave of Chinese places opening, and I love it!

Da Jia Le

Da Jia Le

Goebenstraße 23

10783 Berlin Schöneberg


Opening Hours:

daily 12:00 – 23:00


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  1. Leili on


    Dear Mary,
    I really like your reviews and tips for great places to eat. This restaurant is very close to where I live and I was very happy about that! I find it sad, however, that you find this is the not-so-pretty part of Schöneberg. I love the southern Schöneberg (e.g. Akazienstr. and streets around it) and am disappointed that you don’t like to be here. Still, your recommendations have until now always been fantastic and its a pleasure to read the blog entries.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hi Leili, thanks so much for your lovely comment – the area around Winterfeldt Platz and Akazienstraße is obviously the pretty part, this restaurant though is a couple 100ms away from that. However, only because an area is not pretty, doesn’t mean I don’t like it, not everything has to be picture-perfect :)

  2. Knut on


    I tried Ixthys once, because I really like korean food, but there was such a hostile vibe, I could not enjoy my meal… But I can reallly recommend “Wawa” at Grunewaldstraße near Kleistpark. My favorite Bibimbap in town, it’s a very nice little place.
    And I heard many good things about “Mother Maiden Crone” at Potsdamer Straße, but they are only open daytime mo-fr and I couldn’t give them a try yet.

  3. Jael Marschner on


    Hi Mary
    You seem to know the Chinese places in this town well and I wondered if I can find hand pulled (ideally Xian Biang Biang) noodles here?
    Been craving them but haven’t found a place that does freshly hand pulled noodles yet…
    Thank you very much,

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Sadly, I don’t know of a place who currently does hand pulled noodles, Shaniu used to do them (not Xi An Biang Biang though), you could ask if they still have them. I’ll forward your question to twitter in the hopes of more ideas :)

  4. Qichao on


    ok, here is the deal, your blog basically is my go-to place to choose where I should eat for dinner, basically a food ‘bible’ for me, never disappointed me. That’s why I also want to somehow contribute a bit. The best Chinese restaurant in town is “FuLiLai” located in steglitz, period. I even took my parents there when they came to Germany to visit me. :).
    There are two menus in the house, one is really normally printed and bind, the other one is only a piece of paper some part hand written, that’s where the magic happens . all the small street -food-ish dished are hand made my herself, and you can not find them anywhere in other Chinese restaurant here in Berlin , even maybe the whole Germany, because it is that ‘local’
    I finally decided to write this down and recommend to you over my working hours, so that I hope you will have a whole new experience on the REAL Chinese dishes.

    really, for the love all the foodies here in Berlin, go try it.


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