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Kanaan Berlin Hummus

Tell me you’re serving hummus and shakshouka and I’m there in five minutes – especially on a rainy and grey February day… Kanaan is on my 10 places you need to try this winter list, especially because they’re serving chickpeas in many varieties. And also because their background is so very interesting and makes my heart melt.

I’m one of those people who believe food can connect people, that by sharing meals, we share stories and create friendships. The way Kanaan puts this idea into action makes me really happy – this food business was started by Oz Ben David from Israel, and Jalil Dabit from Palestine, their chefs are from Morocco and Syria, their pastry chef is Russian but lived in Israel for a long time. That’s the perfect mix, in my eyes, and their menu is a reflection of that. There’s Hamshuka, a combination of hummus and shakshouka, like it’s served in Jerusalem; and Malawach, a Yemenite pancake, but filled like a Sabich, the Israeli sandwich and served with a Mango curry sauce. The dessert is an Arabic yoghurt flavored with rose water, topped with a German blackberry jam. All house-made, of course!

kanaan berlin
Msabaha as served on weekends

The setup is a bit complicated, but fear not: on weekdays, Kanaan serves lunch at a little hut that will turn into the most amazing morning-till-night place in summer with its balcony and urban garden. On weekends, Kanaan takes over the kitchen of the restaurant across the street, serving a bigger variety, from falafel and masabacha, to bureka and mujadara from lunch till night. Is your mouth watering already? Well, it should, because Berlin’s not seen such fusion of traditional dishes and flavors before.

Pictured on top is the Hamshuka, a delicious and filling dish that’s served with fluffy bread and a tasting portion of their potato wedges with green, spicy tahini sauce. I will definitely come back for more on the weekend.

kanaan berlin
Kanafah for dessert

Update I went last weekend and it was so delicious I am still drooling just looking at the pictures. I was very happy to see the place being packed! We enjoyed a hearty msabaha, a small serving of their fresh, super tasty and intensely green falafel, then couscous topped with vegetables in a delicious sauce and a plate of kanafah – pastry soaked in rose sirup, filled with soft  white cheese and topped with German blueberry jam. We rolled out of the restaurant, with smiles on our faces.



Schliemannstraße 15

10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Schönhauser Allee

Opening Hours:

wed–Thu 18:00–22:00
Fri–Sun 12:00–22:00


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  1. Joanna on


    This place was amazing!!! The set up was a bit awkward, but the outdoor space will be fabulous come summer…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      So happy to hear you liked it!

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