Seriously: 10 New Places You Have To Try This Winter

Looks like April, is actually February.

It’s spring, you guys! Oh wait, it’s not. It’s just an usually warm winter, plants go nuts springing already, people sit outside of cafés sipping juices, and new food places open left and right. The whole opening mania will for sure get even crazier this year: events on facebook now score up to 3000 people attending and dozens of instagram accounts can’t wait to get the first photo of the newest dish in town. Well, this is all a bit much for me – especially because food places are actually not at their best when they just started. Having over a thousand people wanting to (fb)-attend an opening would be my personal nightmare, not only that you just can’t serve that many people with delicious food, a gastronomic enterprise needs a couple days, if not weeks, to work out all the kinks and achieve a smooth running kitchen that puts out the best foosd.

Hmm, what’s that nagging intro got to do with a list of new openings you ask? As much as I want to stay out of the obsession with the brand-new, as much do I love the many additions Berlin’s food-scene is currently enjoying. Because I believe competition will make this city’s scene a lot better, will teach an audience to ask for improved menus, better produce, greater experiences. And thus benefit the food and farming scene.
I wanna give you a list of new places that opened in the last couple of months, which I’m looking forward to trying in the next weeks.

Oh, can I ask you to take a picture, upload it to instagram and let me (us) know by tagging it #seriousneweats, in case you make it to one of those? Thanks so much guys! And take a look at the last list published in Autumn, in case you want to make sure you checked all of them before proceeding to these ones.

Candy on Bone
The newest addition to the family of Katz Orange, Contemporary Food Lab and CFL Canteen is this pretty looking space just by Admiralbrücke, a combination of (upscale) grocery store showcasing local as well as special produce, and a deli serving sandwiches, salads, coffee and sweets.
Planufer 92b, Kreuzberg, Tue–Sat 12:00–20:00

Update: the most upscale of Spätis, read the review here.

It’s certainly not surprising that international restaurateurs are looking to Berlin when they want to open a new branch – Cecconi’s is coming to us from the UK and took over the ground floor of Soho House. They’re serving classic Italian food in a distinctively metropolitan looking and very luxe interior, and their pizza is looking very, very promising. And they do brunch!
Torstraße 1, Mitte, Mon–Sat 11:30–midnight, Sun 11:00–Midnight

Update: Delicious Italian food in a very chic metropolitan interior. Read more here.

This Japanese bakery is bringing a taste of elegant East Asian bakery to our grim streets: Anpan, Tamago-Onigirazu, Neko-Matcha-Korone, Melonpan! And if you have no idea what that is: even more reason to get out to Charlottenburg today.
Leibnizstraße 45, Charlottenburg, Mon–Sat 09:00–18:00

Update: match more than just Matcha. Read the review here.

Food instagramers are obsessed with this one – understandably so, the Prenzlauer Berg newcomer is serving Israeli Palestinian food like Malawach, Sabich, Masabacha and obviously Hummus and I’m myself not someone who’d say no to those at any time of day. Can’t wait to try their Shakshuka. Oh and it’s a vegetarian and vegan place, just in case you needed more arguments.
Kopenhagener Straße 16, Prenzlauer Berg, Mon-Fri 12:00-16:00, Sat-Sun 12:00-22:00

Update: OMG, so much yumm. Read the review here.

I can’t yet tell you loads about this Italian place just next to Lugosi bar, except that I know the owners and have always liked their gastronomic ventures. And Berlin needs more Italian restaurants serving modern and delicious dishes.
Reichenbergerstraße 152, Kreuzberg, Tue-Sat 18:00-00:00

Lager Lager
Opened in September last year, this place is supposedly a haven for all craft beer enthusiasts – not only do they sell loads and loads of bottles of local and international beers, they have a tasting room and growler station for getting freshly filled beer to go. So much to look forward to.
Pflügerstraße 68, Neukölln, Mon-Thurs 12:00-22:00, Fri-Sa 12:00-23:00

Madame Ngo
Sometimes, new places open and literally all of my instagram contacts seem to eat there immediately. I can’t definitely explain this phenomenon, but I do enjoy observing. The latest example is this new Vietnamese place on Kantstraße, named in honor of the owner’s mother. You know him, it’s Duc Ngo of Kuchi, shiro i shiro and Cantina at Bar Tausend fame. And that might be the answer to why everyone seems to eat there right now. Including me and you (soon).
Kantstraße 30, Charlottenburg

Well, this is a difficult one since I have a very particular opinion on pasteis, these most delicious custard cakes from Portugal. I prefer them fresh from the oven (and enjoyed dozens of them at the original bakery), it’s not a baked good to be made in the morning and sold for a day (or even two!) However, this place is devoted to this heavenly treat, plus some extras, and it’s the second branch of Portuguese Bekarei, so I expect them to not mess around with this favorite.
Wrangelstraße 44, Kreuzberg, Tue–Sun 10:00–18:00

The Bread Station
Berlin needs more great bakeries, and this one from Denmark might be a contestant for the top ranks with their focus on pure ingredients and perfecting only a selected few bread varieties. Also, they’re making pizza on Fridays.
Maybachufer 16, Kreuzberg, Mon-Fri 07:00-18:30, Sat-Sun 08:00-18:30

Update: So new, and already a winner! Check their position in Berlin’s Best Bread here. 

Tulus Lotrek
This one has already been reviewed by most food publications thanks to a good looking menu, a smashing wallpaper (and a strong pr-game). And reviews are promising! Six course menus of stylish plating and interesting combinations, which are mostly kind of inspired by French cooking.
Fichtestraße 24, Kreuzberg, Tues-Sun 19:00-00:00