Brunch in Berlin: Das Brunch

The Phoenix, as served at Das Brunch

Das Brunch is here to feed your Saturday munchies with dishes you can’t get anywhere else in Berlin.

I’m happy to say, our lovely city by now is quite well equipped when it comes to feeding your Saturday munchies – may I refer you to my epic & indulgent brunch guide for reference – however, menus could be even more creative! While eggs benedict are somehow a staple by now (not everyone should be doing them, though, it’s a difficult thing to master), more out-of-the-box dishes is what I’m looking for – unseen combinations, particular ingredients, unusually beautiful plating.

And my cravings are answered by this brunch event, aptly named Das Brunch, which pops up every couple of weeks at several pretty places all around the city, servings us delicious and innovative brunch plates. Like a couple days ago at their take-over of CFL Canteen, that attractive lunch spot next to the Jewish museum – by the way, CFL canteen is a brainchild of the makers of Katz Orange, Candy on Bone and Contemporary Food Lab.

The Resurrector & The Phoenix

The menu was bomb, as usual: The Resurrector served organic poached eggs with Moroccan-spiced sausage, on top of glazed parsnip, avocado, bay leaf black beans, charmoula and charred broccolini; The Aurora was a vegan feast of roasted pumpkin with walnuts and pomegranate with tahini-sauce on top of that veggies. But since it’s hard for me to say no to poached eggs, I went for The Phoenix, which combined that egg, with manouri cheese, chickpeas in yellow pepper sauce, baba ganoush, a sweet potato rösti and the broccolini plus the acovado. It’s a smashing combo, with intense flavors and a complex profile, thanks to the many different components, that complement each other since they’re all somewhat inspired by Persian recipes. There was also Bloody Mary, an oyster and champagne bar, as well as a nice choice of sweet baked goods, from brownies to muffins and cheesecake.

The next Das Brunch is not yet confirmed, but I will definitely keep you updated on that. Until then, follow their Facebook Page!


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