Escape: Cake in Brandenburg

Topfen-Mohn-Torte and a Melange, a Viennese capuccino

Kaffee und Kuchen is an important German tradition, so over Easter, we took to the outskirts of Berlin to have what the internet called the best cake in Brandenburg. Kaffeehaus Morgenrot is located in Hohen Neuendorf, which is technically not Berlin anymore, but still reachable by S-Bahn. Housed in a beautiful Gründerzeit mansion, they’re bringing Viennese coffee culture to the north, not only with cake but also with the many versions of Austrian coffee, in seriously good quality.

Kaffeehaus Morgenrot
Chocolate cake with Kaffee verkehrt, which is coffee with a lot of milk in Vienna

Most places calling themselves Wiener Kaffeehaus have nothing to do with good coffee, but not this place. Their seriously long coffee menu features all the Viennese specialities with the weird names, from Einspänner to Melange and Franziskaner, and prepare them with delicious coffee! Combine them with a piece of their Torte to not even need sugar (like all the fancy third-wave-places in Mitte tell you).

While my friends went for a piece of biscuit layered with chocolate cream, I obviously chose the Topfen–Mohn–Torte, an Austrian cheese cake with poppy seed filling and also known as my favorite kind of cake. We were in such a relaxed Ausflug–mood after taking a long walk through the forest (which are not far from this place), I forgot taking pictures before digging in. That’s why you’re seeing a half eaten cake on both images. Sorry, not sorry, because this baked treats were impressive, freshly baked, fluffy and creamy at the same time and full of flavor.
I’d come back any time.

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Kaffeehaus Morgenrot

Kaffeehaus Morgenrot

Scharfschwerdtstraße 1

16540 Hohen Neuendorf

Bahnhof Hohen Neuendorf

Opening Hours:

Wed–Fri 10:00–17:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–18:00


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