Ten Years and: Still in Berlin

Actually and seriously, you guys: last Thursday marked the 10th anniversary of this very blog: as in ten years and we’re / you’re / I’m still in Berlin. Ten years of blogging about Berlin, its oddities, its fashion and its food, its people and its passions. Well, this is as surprising for you as it is for me, because I never bet on this blog being read for so many years. That I’m still here, still blogging my heart out, is thanks to you guys, thanks to you reading, following, commenting, liking, and sharing. I’m forever grateful for your support.

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I celebrated this momentous occasion with a dinner at The Store Kitchen with 60 people that have been close to my heart and this website during the past ten years. It was a glorious night, with the greatest food, delicious drinks and an amazing cake. The night also marked the beginning of the new evening services at The Store Kitchen hosted by chefs Johnnie Collins and Tommy Tannock. Follow Tommy’s Facebook to be updated on dinners to come. For us, they cooked up a vegetarian feast featuring king oyster mushrooms with date gochujang, brown rice with lemongrass cashew sauce and fermented red cabbage, rainbow chard with smoked paprika almonds, salt-baked chioggia beets with beenleigh blue and a butternut and spinach dhal. And then a stunning pavlova with rhubarb, that was so delicious it was gone in seconds. For the grand finale, Laura baked one of her breathtaking Tausendsünd cakes, a vegan birthday cake with blueberries and caramel, topped with flowers and candles.

The first dessert, a rhubarb pavlova
The first dessert, a rhubarb pavlova
Tausendsünd's vegan birthday cake
Tausendsünd’s vegan birthday cake

For drinks, I was lucky enough to be supported by Florian Tonello of LADIDADI WINES who brought natural wines from Eric Texier from France. Florian is co-hosting the wine event Bonsoir at Silo Coffee pairing delicious and unusual wines with petit plats. Furthermore, Berlin based distilleries Our/Berlin and Brandstifter made sure we had some local alcohol to start and end the night.

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Beautiful table decoration by Mary Lennox
Beautiful table decoration by Mary Lennox
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The tables and space were decorated with light pink radicchio, poppies and candle by the incredible team of Mary Lennox Flowers, who are, seriously, the only option if you’re ever looking for flower and plant decoration.

By the way, there’ll be a public event celebrating these ten years soon, because I want to basically invite all of you! I will keep you updated! And if you also want one of those “Still in Berlin” caps – get them here.

All photos: Ana Santl and even more of these are on Facebook.

Benjamin Richter, with whom I started the site 10 years ago
Benjamin Richter, with whom I started the site 10 years ago
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