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WIN: Perfect Weekend in Berlin

Turning 10 is a big thing, especially for a humble blog like this one. Obviously, celebrating with a private dinner definitely isn’t enough! I wanna celebrate with all of you guys! Which is why I’m hosting the beloved Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun on May 15th, making it a Stil in Berlin Birthday Edition! And I want all of you guys to come and eat with me! More info soon, but first, I want to treat two of you to a very special weekend, I’d definitely call it the perfect weekend in Berlin… Find out how to get it here.

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Brunch in Berlin: Little Joy

Brunch’s been getting real good in Berlin. Seriously, unexpectedly good. While a few years ago the poached egg was only found at upscale hotels, no serious morning food venture can write its menu without, today. However, not everyone manages to cook it to perfection (and can we please remember that other treatments also suit that yolk well), but those who poach it right rank high on my list. Here’s a new one, that could also be called big, huge, or even giant, but is actually going by the name Little Joy.

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Guide: Dine out on a Monday Night

Sadly, it can be hard to dine out on a Monday night in Berlin. I know that because I’ve tried several times and found many of my favorites to be closed.Of course, there are loads of imbiss-y places that are there for us, but it’s certainly harder to find a nice place to sit down and enjoy table-service. Which is why I made this nifty little guide, researching which restaurants that I liked were actually open. It’s not that many! Here to help:

Dine in Berlin: Kricket at The Store Kitchen

It’s been getting a lot better, but it’s definitely not there yet – Indian food in Berlin is still a sensitive topic. While we do have some fast food joints and one place serving an updated and modern version of South Indian food, the real deal hast not yet arrived. However, there was a prime opportunity to enjoy the most amazing Indian menu at The Store Kitchen last week, when Kricket came over from London to cook up a feast.

FuGeeLa: Refugees in Berlin #18

The news about the situation of refugees in Berlin are still coming in, but they’ve slowed down. The situation has been calming down for several weeks now, since less and less refugees arrive in Berlin. Not because there are none, but because Europe is closing its borders. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in the last days and how you can help. This is the English version of an article in cooperation with Mit Vergnügen, hier kannst du ihn auf Deutsch lesen.

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