Berlin’s Best Burger: April 2016

Before talking about the results of the voting for Berlin’s Best Burger April 2016, let me tell you one of my favorite things about our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop party – the fact that you can arrive at, say, 5pm, fill your belly with food, top it with a delicious sweet treat, and then get into the crowd that’s already dancing and shaking around 8pm! I mean, where else in Berlin can one dance before 1am?! Just one more point in the long list of reasons why this is the best food party in Berlin.

Okay, so now to the much awaited new poll to find the best patty-bun-combo in the city – we had brand new contenders and old favorites battle it out on the grills, we’ve seen unusual creations using waffles instead of classic buns, adding potato Röstis with melted cheese; as well as classic grilled meat hugged by brioche, and both won the hearts of you eaters. We collected about 600 votes, and here are the results of the vote for Berlin’s Best Burger! As usual, only the top 3 are ranked, but I will introduce all creations first:

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop pignut bbq-1821Coming all the way from Moabit down South to Kreuzberg, Pignut BBQ brought pure burger art with their Southern Belle featuring a big beef patty, pimento cheese, home smoked bacon and cowboy candy (aka chili).

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop chicha-1824

Following an entirely different style, Chicha served the Tupac Burger – with not only a beef patty with cheese and fried egg, but also plantains, spicy mayo and a red onion cilantro salad.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop bukfylla-1815

Even more out of the box was Bukfylla, the Sweden inspired crew went for whole-grain waffles with baked-in drippin’ swedish soft cheese instead of an ordinary bun, topping it with a beef patty, caramelized cherry tomatoes, zucchinis and onions, lamb’s lettuce with cinnamon-balsamico-dressing and a sauce of your choice. Please tell me, who doesn’t love waffles!?

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop cheesus-1858

Some went even further: Cheesus brought us Alicia Cheese: a bun hugging not only a juicy beef patty, whisky glazed onions and crispy bacon, but also a Rösti and deliciously melted Raclette cheese, and easily created the longest line of the whole evening with people patiently waiting for their blessing. All hail Cheesus!

And now for the top three ranks!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop bunsmobile-1864

Bunsmobile is definitely a crowd-pleaser – they won many hearts with their minimal creation called Lil Buns, featuring medium rare free range beef, sauce bearnaise and cheddar cheese. In numbers that is 101 votes and the third place!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop juicy lucy-1845

Some might say Juicy Lucy went a bit crazy by putting marinated pumpkin with cranberries plus pumpkin salad atop a patty made of Brandenburg beef, but people loved this creation called Rihanna’s Pumpkin Burger and gifted them 135 votes which made them runner-up!

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop bones-1872
Massive 101 in the front, its veggie sister in the back

Winner: You might have not heard this name before, but you should put Bone Berlin on your list of food entrepreneurs to watch: Stefan Endres of former Mr Susan fame showed all of us what it means to make the most delicious burger – his Massive 101 featured a beef-bacon patty, dripping ghetto cheese, fresh apple-cucumber slaw, maple sauce n’ habanero in a Sironi bun and scored the crew a bombing 161 total votes! Congratulations! Follow their facebook site for updates where to eat Bone food next!


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  1. Fernando @ Eating With Your Hands on


    Nice! Definitely taking down notes on who to check out next in the city. That Bone Berlin burger…. looks like a worthy winner!

  2. KD_87 on


    No veggie options or mentions? :(

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      oh, sorry! The last picture shows the veggie version of Bones – all of them had veggie options in fact. Bunsmobile had a super delicious fried cheese patty!

  3. haribo on


    Here’s an idea – why not focus on the quality of the meat and the fact that none of it is grass fed or humanely reared, rather than a lot of tricked out stuff to disguise the cheapness of the beef.

    PS; Black Angus is used by McDonalds etc and is a total scam.

  4. Michael on


    Yet again, the crowd just seem to love crazy creations, sigh…
    I’m a fan of real burgers. Basic style, but executed perfectly (just like Tommis Burger joint does it).
    So this is my list:

    Nr.1 Bunsmobile “Lil Buns” (great basic burger with excellent taste. The sauce bernaisse was unusual, but still made it the best one this time)
    Nr.2 Pignut BBQ “Southern Belle” (I don’t get why this one didn’t made the Top3, it was delicious)
    Nr.3 Chicha “Tupac Burger” (same here, great burger, scored too low.)
    Nr.4 Juicy Lucy (didn’t try this one, but it looked promising :) )
    Nr.5 Cheesus “Alicia Cheese” (tried only one bite, but wasn’t too pleased with it. Without the Rösti it would scored in the Top3, but I guess they just had to do something fancy…)
    Nr.6 Bone Berlin (NEVER, really never put apples on a burger. IMO thats a total No-Go, such as fruits on a Pizza)
    Nr.7 Bukfylla (WTF was that? I mean, really!? Just because you want to make something unique, doesn’t mean to put freaking waffles to it as buns)

    After all, this was one of the better weeks for burger lovers!
    The last few events were filled with kimchi crap and some really awkward creations.
    I hope we see some more REAL burger love for the next events. Maybe an american style theme? With some manly burgers that don’t look like they’re made from some mitte hipsters :P
    The Party tough was awesome as always! :D

  5. Angelika Sänger on


    nothing but vegan burger – that would be really different :)
    thanx for trying this out.

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